It was, for the most part, a lack luster affair and one devoid of much thrill, but nonetheless, UFN 29 on FOX Sports I presented a free MMA card, nonetheless.

The attendance and bonuses as assigned, as are as follows:

The attendance was 6,621 (sellout)

The assigned bonuses were valued at $50,000 (US)

Fight of the night went to Raphael Assuncao & TJ Dillashaw  

Knock out of the night went to Dong Hyun Kim for his 2nd round KO of Erick Silva. For the most part, it was an uninspiring affair, but midway through round two Kim caught Silva with a stiff left and it was over; one more left applied and with Silva’s head pressed against the canva the ref stepped in; over, at the 3:01 mark of the second round and winner by way of KO, Dong Hyun Kim.

*No submission of the night was awarded

**What should easily have been awarded to Rousimar Palhares for submission of the night, with his stunning submission of Mike Pierce at the 31 seconds mark of the first round, has, for whatever reason, been withheld pending further consideration. For the record, the debate appears to revolve around the length of time Palhares held the submission; post Pierce’s tap.

Further and for the record, Pierce was tapped before he hit the ground. Subsequent to that, there should be no debate; Rousimar Palhares, SOTN.