UFC Ultimate Insider: John Moraga

UFC Ultimate Insider: John Moraga


“UFC Ultimate Insider” traveled to Phoenix to spend some time with John Moraga and give us a little insight into his life, surroundings and how he grew up.

Moraga says of his life and where he grew up “it is what it is… you get through it.” Of that, it seems to have been a never ending series of fights, beating and poverty and at 5’6”, one can’t imagine that he faired particularly well.

With few options open to him other than boredom and crime, Moraga took to wresting and set aside the 3 hours’ worth of travel time a day (90 minutes one way) to make it to practice. He says of wrestling and his two coaches (Frank Saenz & Richard Fimbres), that had it not been for them he’d “probably be in prison.”

When touring his old gym or “home” as he calls it, Morgana proudly points to a sign that reads:

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can’t do.”

It’s a motto the fighter will be looking to enforce and demonstrate, come July 27th and in his bout with reigning flyweight Demetrious Johnson. The 13 & 1 (lifetime) fighter (2 & 0 in the UFC) will have his work cut-out for him as he takes on the division champion, but he is a tenacious fighter and one of great perseverance and feels that he is more than up-to the task.

What I love about these types of shows is that it gives us an insight into the life of a / the fighter and humanizes them to a point, that by the time you’re finished watching an episode you could well find yourself wanting the (featured) fighter to win his upcoming bout.

I wish the young man all the best in his upcoming bout with Johnson and should he win, then the division and the UFC will have yet another, remarkable person as a champion.

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    Another street rat turned fighter. I'de be more impressed if he got a college degree.
    They have to do a special on him because no-one knows who he is.
    Im probably being far too critical. Had a fkd up day.

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