UFC Singapore Free Fight: Tarec Saffiedine vs. Nate Moore

UFC Singapore Free Fight: Tarec Saffiedine vs. Nate Moore


Tarec Saffiedine is ranked number ten in the UFC’s welterweight division and been in the promotion for a year, but fans would be hard pressed to know it.

Sidelined with injuries throughout 2013, Saffiedine has yet to make an appearance in the promotion’s Octagon and indeed, the best he’s managed so far was to be a scratch for a scheduled fight with Robbie Lawler at UFC FOX 8, in July.  

However, this coming Saturday night “Sponge” finally makes his UFC debut, as he takes on Hyun Gyu Lim (2 & 0 UFC) at UFC Fight Night 34, in Singapore.

Although the card has received little attention and had no discerneable promotion, it’s nonetheless Saffiedine’s first chance to ply his trade in the senior circuit and show UFC fans what he can do.

When fans last saw Tarec it was in the (final) Strikeforce welterweight championship match in January of 2013, when he took on and completely dominated (champion) Nate Marquardt over five rounds; exiting the ring with a unanimous decision victory and “The Great’s” belt.  

Since then, Sponge has been on the shelf and biding his time.

In an effort to remind the fans of Tarec’s skills, the UFC has released Saffiedine’s May 2010 Strikeforce fight against Nate Moore.

In review, Sponge demonstrated a solid takedown defense, grappling and stand-up skills, as well as his powerful right; the punch he ended the fight with.

As its New Year’s Eve and not much on in the way of MMA, fans may get a kick out of this bout.

On a final note, Happy New Year and the best for 2014 to all.

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