Teaming with FightMetric, first set of official UFC rankings is up

Teaming with FightMetric, first set of official UFC rankings is up


After much discussion and controversy over rankings, the UFC recently decided to team with FightMetric and provide their own set of official rankings. The rankings are voted upon by members of the sports media, and are available for voting directly after each live fight event. The results are then set to be posted on within the next 24 hours. This is a revolutionary idea that could squash some of the debate, but fans and media alike will always have their own beliefs about the rankings. Dana White was on hand to state the following:

UFC Fighter Rankings are a great tool for new and existing fans alike to learn and better keep up with the fast pace of the UFC. We always look for opportunities to engage fans and media, allowing them to connect and voice their opinions, and this just one more way of doing that.”

The fact that the rankings are so quickly compiled and posted will indeed serve to better inform all fans of the ultra fast-paced UFC world. Here is a listing, by weight class, of the very first initial set of rankings. Check them out and see what you think:

1 Anderson Silva
2 Jon Jones
3 Georges St-Pierre
4 Jose Aldo
5 Benson Henderson
6 Cain Velasquez
7 Dominick Cruz
8 Demetrious Johnson
9 Frankie Edgar
10 Dan Henderson

Champion : Demetrious Johnson
1 Joseph Benavidez
2 John Dodson
3 Ian McCall
4 John Moraga
5 Jussier Da Silva
6 Louis Gaudinot
7 Chris Cariaso
8 John Lineker
9 Darren Uyenoyama
10 Ulysses Gomez

Champion : Dominick Cruz
1 Renan Barao (Interim Champion)
2 Michael McDonald
3 Urijah Faber
4 Eddie Wineland
5 Brad Pickett
6 Brian Bowles
7 Rafael Assuncao
8 Scott Jorgensen
9 Mike Easton
10 Ivan Menjivar

Champion : Jose Aldo
1 Chad Mendes
2 Ricardo Lamas
3 Chan Sung Jung
4 Frankie Edgar
5 Dennis Siver
6 Cub Swanson
7 Dustin Poirier
8 Nik Lentz
9 Erik Koch
10 Clay Guida

Champion : Benson Henderson
1 Gilbert Melendez
2 Anthony Pettis
3 Gray Maynard
4 Nate Diaz
5 Jim Miller
6 Donald Cerrone
7 TJ Grant
8 Rafael Dos Anjos
9 Joe Lauzon
10 Habib Nurmagomedov“>KHabib Nurmagomedov

Champion : Georges St-Pierre
1 Johny Hendricks
2 Carlos Condit
3 Nick Diaz
4 Rory MacDonald
5 Demian Maia
6 Jake Ellenberger
7 Martin Kampmann
8 Josh Koscheck
9 Jon Fitch
10 Tarec Saffiedine

Champion : Anderson Silva
1 Chris Weidman
2 Vitor Belfort
3 Michael Bisping
4 Yushin Okami
5 Mark Munoz
6 Constantinos Philippou
7 Luke Rockhold
8 Hector Lombard
9 Alan Belcher
10 Tim Boetsch

Light Heavyweight
Champion : Jon Jones
1 Dan Henderson
2 Lyoto Machida
3 Alexander Gustafsson
4 Glover Teixeira
5 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
6 Rashad Evans
7 Mauricio Rua
8 Phil Davis
9 Ryan Bader
10 Gegard Mousasi

Champion : Cain Velasquez
1 Junior dos Santos
2 Fabricio Werdum
3 Daniel Cormier
4 Antonio Silva
5 Frank Mir
6 Alistair Overeem
7 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
8 Roy Nelson
9 Stefan Struve
10 Shane Carwin

A huge fan of the sport since 1995, I love writing all aspects of the fight game. As Chief Editor of LowKick MMA, I strive to stay on the cutting edge of all things MMA related.
  • mmauk

    Let the bitching begin

    • FoetusFarm

      i agree with mos of them but how does somebody come to a logical conclusion that frankie edgar is no.4 featherweight in ufc when his record there stands at 0-1

      • mmauk

        @Farm I agree with you about Edgar for obvious reasons.
        I used to care about rankings but at the end of the day everyone has a different criteria at times. Like what's more impressive A.Silva finishing guys with ease is most cases or GSP beating a higher level of competition at WW(for those that think WW is a stronger division) and wining 25+ rounds in a row ? . I could easily argue for both.
        Here's another one for you
        Jon Jones incredible resume put together in a short amount of time VS Silva's 6 year run with some of the most ridiculous finishes we have ever seen ?
        Silva's ridiculousness and longevity or Jones beating guys who most mma would have ranked higher than the majority of guys on Silva's record ?

        • grapplure


          gsp #1 p4p

          • Entity

            I agreed with the first 5 and didnt even use a computer.

      • KeithFarrell

        @FoetusFarm because he went toe-to-toe with Aldo and could be argued he beat him, while guys like Mendes, who is actually ranked above Aldo, got dominated and brutally KO'd by Aldo.

    • Entity

      lol spot on there mmauk lol

    • David Saucier

      I heard Hale was part of the ranking commity

    • Baby Ads

      overeem should be the number 1 heavyweight, he should be allowed to use enhancing drugs so that he will be buffed again…

    • KeithFarrell

      This isn't bitching but don't take note of these rankings, they are completely out of place.

      One of the MANY examples:
      Melendez has looked terrible in his last two fight against guys who where then ranked maybe top 20, while Pettis has stunningly finished his last two opponents in the first round who were both top 10 and one even top 5.

  • NCapone

    1. How is Edgar #9 on p4p coming off 3 losses in a row (close or not they are still losses)
    2. If Edgar is #9 p4p How is he only #4 featherweight?

    • Bryan Fontez

      I think they're also counting weight class changes. Making Frankie's "pounds" increase in value.

      • grapplure


        i think they are using raw numbers. all his losses where close when it came to statistics. his last fight with bendo was marked a "draw" according to fight metric

    • Bruce Lee

      @NCapone, re: Question #2 maybe they ranked him higher P4P than, say for example Chan Sung Jung, because Edgar has fought and done well against bigger opponents – part of the very idea of P4P. I'm not arguing this POV I'm just wondering if that was their logic.

      BTW it looks like OneMoreRound's letter writing campaign re: GSP's P4P ranking didn't work – they never put him up to #1 😉

      • Entity

        I have to admit, Frankie doesnt finish much.

        • KeithFarrell

          @Entity he does it more than Ben Henderson and Dom Cruz, who are ranked above him, even though Frankie has doen it against much better guy

    • KeithFarrell

      @NCapone he recently beat Penn in his prime twice, KO'd Maynard and then beat Ben Henderson (#1 LW and #5 P4P) at least once and probably twice but screwed out by the judges.

      If we are talking about personal rankings, shouldn't we judge it off how we scored a fight rather than how judges scored it who are notorious for making terrible judgement calls???

  • Brian Cox

    At least it answers some questions @ 185 as to who is number one and number two. I'm a little shocked to see Bisping still as three. I think by the end of the year he's more apt to be ranked somewhere around 7 or lower.

    And why isn't Sonnen listed @ either 185 or the 205?

    P4P – I'd list Jones over Silva. I don't know that either Edgar or Henderson make my list, anymore. Edgar, because he failed to beat Aldo and now, has three straight losses in title fights. And Henderson, because he's just not busy enough. It would have been nice if they'd held off until he and Machida fought and then, we could have taken the winner of that and placed him on the list.

    All in all and fan debates aside, I think the rankings list is a good idea and should, hopefully, keep White & Silva in-line when pointing together fights. Legitimacy before entertainment, as Entity might put it.

    • Brian Cox

      *putting, not pointing.

      • Brian Cox

        Doh! I thought I was at the top of this little box when I hit send. My apologies to the thread.

  • highkick12

    If these rankings have any value than the good news is Anderson has only embarrassed 2 of the guys on the Middleweight list so theres still plenty of fights for him at 185.

  • highkick12

    How is Chael Sonnen not at the top of both Middleweight AND Light Heavyweight??

  • Evan Holober

    Don't really see how people are keeping Jones above Aldo and GSP after his last two performances. Was close to getting subbed in the first by a 185er, and had a sparring match with Rashad Evans.

    I understand what he did before was great, but if were going by any type of longevity Aldo and GSP should be ahead of Jones.

    • grapplure


      aldo #2 for sure

      • Evan Holober

        I'd honestly think that makes sense a bit more than Jones there ATM.

  • Bryan Fontez

    It seems that they've ranked fighters based strictly on cold hard concrete facts and recent wins, ignoring ability, potential, skill set or record.

    Which is the difference between me ranking Rashad well above Nogueira in my 205 list and them ranking Rashad below Nogueira in their 205 list.

    The difference is that I know Rashad Evans is better and would have defeated Nogueira 10 out of 10 times if he was focused and trained properly. So this list doesn't seem to take any woulda, coulda, shoulda's into account.

    Which is fair and makes sense. But is also weird seeing a lot of fighters ranked soo high, such as…

    – Werdum
    – Nogueira
    – Hendo
    – Melendez

    • Bryan Fontez

      Chad Mendes as well. Great fighter but I have no clue why he's ranked #1. You would think that someone who got finished quick would be well below someone who went the distance like Frankie Edgar.

      I'm definitely not agreeing with a lot of these.

      • Zip

        Except for maybe Edgar, who on the list beats Chad? He has looked like a beast in his last couple fights. Lets see Chad vs Frankie. Winner fights Aldo again.

    • Brian Cox

      @ Bryan

      Wax me this, exactly why is Anderson #1?

      We all know he's talented and all, but given his frequency rate of fighting and some-of-the-less-than-noteworthy or legitimate challengers which populate his win list, I really don't see why he should be ranked #1. Particularly, when you factor in that Jones, IMO, beats Silva in a fight and even more so, when you consider that Jones seems to be willing to fight Silva, but Silva seems reticent to fight JJ.

      Where's all that math in the P4P listing's calculus?

  • Bryan Fontez

    My biggest question is…

    Why in the HELL is Melendez ranked #1 at Lightweight?? Who the hell has he fought that was ranked in the top 20?

    • Evan Holober

      Aoki, Kawajiri, Masvidal, and Ishida. He's been ranked in the top five for over 4 years.

      • DKMcGrath

        who???Ohhh other very talented fighters who havent fought any top ten fighters….yeah Melendez is getting alot of credit that alot of fighters,fans don't believe hes earned.

        • Evan Holober

          No, fighters who were in the top ten off of beating top ten fighters. It just happened 2-3 years ago.

          • grapplure

            @evan and Bryan

            im still not fully sold on melendez because he trains with the skrap pack…. but i will give him some credit since everyone he has beat had less than 2 losses or was undefeated

      • Bryan Fontez

        I was exaggerating to emphasize the point. None of those fights should put a fighter in the top 10 of the lightweight division.

        If you think that Melendez being ranked #1 is justified and makes logical sense… Well then I simply can't have an intelligent conversation with you.

        With that said… Please tell me you agree.

        • Evan Holober

          And if you think a fighter should lose ranking because of inablitiy to fight top tier guys after fighting the #2 and top 5 fighters back to back, then logic is not even in the realm of possibility, IMO.

          So yes, we wouldn't be able to agree or disagree on anything.

          • Bryan Fontez

            When in the hell did Melendez fight Anyone in the top 10? I'm dead serious… Name me one person.

            When you find yourself unable to provide me with an answer, also tell me how someone can be ranked in the top 10 without fighting anyone in the top 10.

            I just beat up 37 retarded ppl who weighed exactly 185lbs each… Does that mean I'm now a top 10 middleweight?

          • Evan Holober

            Dude, are you doing a bit right now? I mean, did you miss 2010-2011 when Melendez beat Aoki and Kawajiri back to back (when Aoki was universally #2 in MMA, and Kawajiri was anywhere from 4-9).

            I must be missing the punch line.

  • UnderdogGreatness

    Those lists are almost spot on. The only corrections I would make are both in P4P list. I'd put Georges at number 4 behind Aldo (3). Also, I'd replace Edgar with JDS.

  • cranestyle

    There seems to be an inconsistency in terms of how active a fighter is. You can put Jones ahead of GSP in terms of the last year or so, because he's been more active, but then he should also be ahead of Anderson.

    Beating Lyoto, Rashad, Rampage, Belfort and Rua is more impressive than beating Sonnen, Bonnar and Okami in that same time period.

  • mindkontrolle

    Benson 5th???? WTF.

    • Evan Holober

      You think it's too low or too high?

      • Bryan Fontez

        I think it's pretty obvious. Because if Benson Henderson were ranked any higher, I'd apply for a job at Fightmetric immediately lol

        • Evan Holober

          Didn't know what to think tbh. I got Henderson right at 5 because of Cruz's extended layoff.

          • KeithFarrell

            I think Ben is probbaly 6 or 7

  • ripstic5021

    Alright it's about time I set all you degenerate idiots straight. I was hoping there would be an article posted about fighter salaries and bonuses from the last UFC event so I could post this rant there but fuck it here it goes.

    First off let me state that I was a boxing fan long before MMA and I appreciate a technical bout as much as anyone. But when I look at the Jose Aldo vs Frank Edgar matchup that just happened and notice the size difference of the 2 fighters at 145; then yet again in a technical bout featuring Franky Edgar we have a close decision that fans widely regard could of easily went either way. I am pretty sick of this happening especially in title fights. The problem is not with a technical bout the problem is with the judging I don't think any one really knows how judges think or what they specifically are looking for out of a fighter to be 'winning' a fight.

    I think one way to promote better competetion and hopefully more decisive fights is to combine the 145lb and 135lb divisions together into a 140 lb weight class. This will help stack the 125 lb, 140 lb and 155 lb divisions in UFC, at this point I believe it's a must.

    Think about the 170 lb division and the amazing top 10 list of fighters… That is impressive no doubt right? Now imagine that list split in half into a 165 lb and a 175 lb division. This will just water down the top fights, am I wrong?

    Bottom line is it's clear Jose Aldo should be fighting at lightweight and if not, a lot more lightweights should be fighting at 145.

    • Bryan Fontez

      I couldn't agree with you more. 125, 135, 145, 155 is a stupid series of weight classes to have in an organization. The 10 pound difference isn't enough.

      Although a word of advice. You might not want to start your rant off with a vaguely offensive statement to every single user on this site. Was that really necessary?

      • ripstic5021

        No it wasn't necessary. Just a humourous taunt playing up the chip on my internet shoulder. I basically figured I would be 'weaked' a bunch of times regardless hahahahaha.

        • Entity

          Just when I thought you were at your weakest….You TOTALLY redeem yourself! lol

    • KeithFarrell

      I think 145 is stacked enough but 125 and 135 should be combined, Mighty Mouse already showed you can be a flyweight and be the '2 guy

  • KeithFarrell

    This list is terrible compared to what it could have been, shame.

    Melendez so high in his lists and Frankie so low in his? Very stupid

  • Pride4Ever

    we all know chael is the p4p number 1