The official UFC rankings have now been updated, and the most significant changes are taking place on the pound-for-pound list; Bantamweight title holder Renan Barao has moved up two places on the list after his first round TKO win over Urijah Faber at UFC 169. In getting that spot, he knocks Flyweight boss Demetrious Johnson and MW champ Chris Weidman down a place each.

Moving from number six to number four, he is only topped by Cain Velasquez, Jose Aldo and number one Jon Jones. I recently posted an article about Barao’s place on the P4P list, referencing UFC President Dana White’s comments. ‘The Baldfather’ stated that Barao would ’Probably be the number one pound-for-pound fighter if he finishes Urijah Faber.'

White is now renowned for his accuracy, or dare I say truth telling, but I actually agreed with his statement there. If you consider that Cain Velasquez got knocked out four fights ago and is now injured, Jose Aldo scored a decision at UFC 169 (ask Ben Henderson what that means) then you could at least argue that Barao should own the #2 spot behind ‘Bones’.

Other factors also include that Barao’s unbeaten streak now stands at 33, he has never lost in a major promotion, has competed more times and all three above him on the P4P list have lost more recently than ‘Baron’. I think that all things considered, Barao deserves the number one spot.

I don’t want to imply that the rankings don’t make sense, but that is the impression that I get from them. Why even have a pound-for-pound rankings list if it makes no sense whatsoever? Should Jones win by decision against Glover Teixeira at UFC 172, will he fall three places and be replaced by Jose Aldo?

If decisions and finishes have an effect, why didn’t ‘Scarface’ drop down the list? Undefeated Chris Weidman lost a place after beating the GOAT twice, yet Anderson Silva is only one place behind him. Can anyone make any sense of this?