UFC Primetime: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3 – Episode 1

UFC Primetime: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3 – Episode 1


As a fan, it’s hard not to love this stuff.

In terms of promotion, there is no better tool than “Primetime” and in Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3, episode 1, it delivers with all the pop that fans have come to expect from the show.

If fans had to pick a single word to describe both fighters, they’d probably pick “scary”.

Nested within the episode are scenes that clearly demonstrate the power these two men have. In watching the champion do one of his three weekly spars with coach and training partner Daniel Cormier, fans get to see how intense and hard Velasquez goes.

Even with head-gear, boxing gloves, shin pads and dialing it back, Velazquez and Cormier look as if they are trying to kill one another. The shots they throw and take, would collapse all but the best fighters and even then, would take all but the best out, if they turned up the throttle.

The thought that really comes to mind when watching it, is how did Junior Dos Santos take that kind of punishment for five rounds? When last they fought, Cain beat Junior like an unwanted stepchild. The face that JDS sported post-fight bore the telltale marks of the 25 minute beating he had taken and in standing next to Tim Boetsch, and having his photograph taken, Junior looked as if he was wearing a Halloween mask; dressed up to look like some 80s’club kid, from New York. His ability to still be standing at the end of that fight, was and is, testimony to just how tough Dos Santos is.

For his part, to hear “Cigano” hit the pads is like hearing thunder cracks in a heavy storm. He is power personified, to witness him work. In viewing, it’s easy to see how Dos Santos can just reach out and touch a man and drop him to the floor. With every shot he throws, it obvious that Junior steps into the punch with all that he has and that if a fighter were to be standing in front of it, and caught cleanly with the blow, they’d be dispatched on contact and out cold on the canvas.

In the footage that we’ve seen so far on JDS and inclusive of his last fight with Mark Hunt, it appears that Cigano is morphing into more of a kick-boxer, than a boxer, now. Where JDS used to primarily dine on his opponents with his hands, Junior now appears to be implementing a more well-rounded stand-up game, using a mix of (athletic) spinning kicks and Overeem-esque knees.

Overall, the show is an amazing showcase of these two incredible athletes and will more than likely stir any and all to buy this pay-per-view. Speaking for myself, I can’t wait to see this fight. As Dos Santos says in the show, this trilogy match is about proving which fighter was “lucky”; Cigano for his flash KO of Velasquez or Cain for owning JDS on a bad night?

On the 19th of this month at UFC 166 in Houston, the question will be answered.

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