UFC Primetime: St. Pierre vs. Hendricks, Episode 3

UFC Primetime: St. Pierre vs. Hendricks, Episode 3


The final instalment of St.Pierre / Hendricks has been released and with it, fight fans are now only but four short days away from one of the best UFC fights of 2013.

Into the Octagon that night will come the welterweight champion and his eight straight title defenses. As most fans might guess, “Rush” is tired of his critics and will be looking to win this fight by way of stoppage. However, that could be easier said than done, as his opponent has yet to be stopped. More to the point, Johny Hendricks is more accustomed to stopping his opponents, than being stopped by them.  

However, there could be a problem in “Bigg Rigg’s” game plane.

As seen in the third installment of Primetime, Hendricks once again appears to be focusing on his wrestling and his power punching, to the expense of all else. Throughout the three episodes, not once did we see Bigg Rigg on his back and defending, nor did we see him in a top position working a submissions game.

In a nutshell, Hendricks game plan appears to be one of KO’ing the champ and if that doesn’t work, then simply out wrestling Rush for five rounds. Other than that, there seems to be no other options, which are being demonstrated by Hendricks.

As Rush is likely to set a torrid pace from the bell’s first ringing and apt to come forward as the general in the Octagon, Hendricks will probably need more than just power counter shots and a takedown to offer Rush. If that’s all he has, it could be a long night for Johny, particularly if GSP starts taking him to the ground in the third and beyond. As Carlos Condit said of Rush’s top game, it’s “formidable”.

Either way, it should be a great contest and one that’s likely to leave GSP fans sitting on the edges of their seats, through rounds one and two; 96 hours and counting.

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/jdnextchamp jdnextchamp

    The last 3-4 minutes are awesome. It really pumps me up. Both guys deserve it, but only one will leave with the title. Can't wait until saturday night!!

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/enjoylife321 enjoylife321

    what a kool video…..I love the individual profiles and the mental prep they go through

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/zzoooman zzoooman

    Wow, nice video! GSP!!!
    Really like this fight card,, can't wait!