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UFC Primetime: Rousey vs Carmouche premieres, and is one of the best episodes yet


UFC Primetime premiered last night with what was one of it’s most emotional and truly well done episodes. The installment was the very first to showcase the women and their struggles, while pulling all of us into their and world preparing us for a great fight between two elite combatants.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the episode on TV, well then look no further my friends. But if you’re looking for the full out segment including the other matchups, you won’t find it here. This episode was created strictly to focus the women and their debut. Give it a look and let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to come back and check out all the action, post fight, right here.

  • Carmouche looks a wee bit bulky…

    • wth i tried skipping to the hendo vs machida! fail

      • Honestly could have done without Carmouche throwing her lesbianism out front and center like they all think they have too now days. Just be a fighter, we don't need to know that.

  • "UFC Primetime premiered last night with what was one of it's most emotional…"
    now UFC is talking about emotions? what?!?! this is fighting this is about BLOOD AND SWEAT. after dan and machida im going home….

    • Wow – what was all that crying about last night?

      I hope you had your Kleenex next to you while watching Primetime.

    • Blood, sweat annnnnnnd? Come on, man No one gets through life without a few tears.

    • We got a badass over here…

    • Go Home Crusher, You're Drunk..

      one of the best prime time episodes to date

      • Glad to see this site is not filled with a bunch people like Crusherfun.

        I gotta say,I'm a little proud of you boys and hopefully there are some women out there now enjoy the sport we all love.
        I know my wife does. Partly because I trained her and through training she gained loads of respect for all the fighters. She isn't even jealous of Rousey, she is proud of her and the other ladies for their hard work and discipline.

        So haters, piss off, grown folk are talking,

        • ZzZZZ… Womens MMA will do as well as the WNBA

          • Weakest comment in the history of Lowkick ^

          • Not even close to the weakest Bryan

          • I think it's already doing better. Name 1 WNBA player who is also a movie star? Hell name 1 WNBA player lol

          • does Lisa Lesslie still play?

          • You keep talking and people keep shitting on you – take a hint.

    • You forgot tears. Emotions are a huge part of this sport. Drama sells and makes things more human.

      I enjoy seeing inside the minds of fighters. Seeing what they're thinking, if they're scared, nervous, etc.

  • I hope this fight turns out to be an all our war like the Griffen/Bonnar fight. I would do wonders to help perpetuate women's MMA. Going for the underdog in this one… hope Carmouche pulls off the upset.


    • I hear you but it's very unlikely, the styles just don't match up for it to be like that.
      Hopefully it can turn out to be something like Rousey's fight with Tate, that would still let it shine bright on the big stage.

      Meisha Tate vs. Julie Kedzie would have been a perfect fight to be on a main card, really sums up the heart and skill these female fighters bring!

  • As usual Primitime delivers big.
    I knew Ronda lost her Dad young but never knew he killed himself, that's a tough pill to swallow and for her to take that and go on to be the first Female Judoka to medal in the Olympics for America is pretty amazing.
    I always liked Rousey but even if you don't you have to give her even more respect after learning that.

    Carmouche seems like a cool gal as well but from what I saw in this video, I fear for this being being even slightly competitive.
    Steel sharpens steel and it looks like Carmouche isn't in that situation, even if it is out of her hands.

    The fact that she spends large chunks of her time teaching kids, personal classes and being a receptionist isn't going to help and then when she is properly training she was with people obviously no where near her or Rousey's level.
    Most worrying to me was she was on her back at multiple points in the footage and was practicing hammerfisting the side of the head instead of fighting for her life to get back up.
    If she hopes to win then she shouldn't be getting taken down at all in training because if her partners can do it then Rousey will do it without blinking.

  • I think most of us believe Rousey can do the same as she did to Kauffman, win with an extremely early armbar.

    I wonder though, will Rousey do it? WIll she go for the quick kill and look impressive but not get people begging for more…. or will she try to make most of the golden oppertunity for WMMA and put on a show?

    If she decides to try and make a war out of it rather than a quick finish, Liz may have a very realistic chance.

  • Was that Primetime or oprah winfrey ?

    • lol

      • @onemoreround…..If they do a primetime on GSP i'll be looking forward to your commentary……! lol

        • @ Enjoy

          If you don't know who OMR is….that's not funny.

          If you know who OMR is…that's FREAKING hilarious!!!

          Ha! HA!…on that post, my man. LOL!

    • @ Enjoy

      Ha! Ha!

    • ah you said it better! lol. perfect


  • Carmouche has a bit of the roid/ HGH belly going on

  • Is it just me…

    Or would a whack of people love to see Rhonda lose, just to piss Dana off? I'm sorry, but I'll laugh if his golden-girl loses.

    And when are they going to populate her division with other bodies? If you go to UFC.com and click on The Women's Bantamweight Division and browse the "division", you quickly realize that the only two fighters in the "division" are Rousey & Carmouche. That's sad and if it's not rectified and quickly, then who really cares which of these two fighters is The UFC women's 135 (small-c) "champion"? I know I don't.

    Until this division has some bodies in it and some legitimate ones'-at-that, then to me, this is a joke. It's an interesting bout to watch, but it can't be backed up. There's no contender, no list of fighters for the media or fans to wax about, there's no anything beyond what we are going to see on the 23rd. I'm sorry if that's a harsh criticism, but if this was a guys division or perhaps (even) if Rhonda wasn't pretty and The Boss didn't have a crush on her, then this fight wouldn't be happening and The Division wouldn't exist within The UFC. It's just not there, yet. It's also part of the reason why I don't think this fight should have been top-of-the-card.

    I support WMMA and believe women have as much right to kick the crap out of one another as much as men do, but truly, if you peel back the layers of the onion on this, other than DW's love of Rhonda, what else is there in the 135 Women's Bantamweight "Division"?

    Or to put it this way…

    If Carmouche loses, I wonder if they'll give her an immediate re-match or give it to Carmouche, instead? 🙂

    • You said "whack" when talking about Rhonda…I had to check my bathroom for a camera 8P 8))

      • @ Entity

        We need a FU option on the voting, because Cool, Weak, Sharp & Funny don't always cut it…at least not for me…when it come to you. 🙂

    • Well they keep trying to populate her division with bodies but she keeps leaving broken ones in the wake. 8))

      • @ Entity

        Absolutely…and last weekend…you should have seen me kick-the-crap out of this empty ally. You would have been impressed, man. I was all over it. There wasn't a dumpster or garbage can that would so much as look at me.

    • @Truth

      You're over-analyzing the this. The important question – Will Ronda roll around on the mat? Why, yes she will…

      • @ Zip

        How's this for over-analyzing things…by looking at your avatar, I deduce that you are right-handed. 🙂

        • @ Truth

          Why, yes I am, but often fight southpaw 😉

          • @ Zip

            See…I told ya. My over analyzing never lets me down. I'm CSI all the way.

            Furthering my over analyzing….I deduce that you breathe through your nose…often. 🙂

          • @TRUTH

            Your over analyzing skills – most impressive. I do indeed breath through my nose… and often. Most impressive 😉

          • @ Zip

            If we were in a playground choosing sides with a baseball bat, then…I give you top-of-the-bat, for that. 🙂

            You win.

          • Hardly a win, but a pleasure to simply hang in there with you 😉

  • Wonder if she would get pissed if somebody posted a conspiracy theory about how her dad's death was the government's doing.

    • ahhh you just did…I see what you did there 8P

    • @ Evan

      Was it?

  • I'd love to watch Dana's face during this fight and see how he reacted if Ronda lost, pretty scary to base an entire division on a fighter remaining champion.

    I am also really curious about Carmouche's purse for this fight, it is very possible that she will be the worst paid main event fighter in UFC history not to mention the worst paid UFC Primetime fighter by probably a few thousands %. UFC really should step up and give Carmouche 100k for losing.