UFC On The Fly: Gunnar Nelson

UFC On The Fly: Gunnar Nelson


Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson is 3 – 0 in the UFC, 12 – 0 – 1 (draw) professionally, has finished an incredible 92% of his fights, and is currently ranked No. 13 in the UFC’s welterweight division.

In short, the 5’11” Icelander is a star on the rise in the senior circuit and this coming weekend (July 19, 2014) in Dublin, Ireland, the 25-year-old “Gunni” will have a chance to add to his winning streak and possibly climb onto the promotion’s top ten ladder, when he takes on Zak Cummings at UFC Fight Night (UFN) 46: McGregor vs. Brandao in the “Emerald Isle.”

Nelson is renowned for his calm demeanor and gritty determination. When entering the ring his view is that it’s just “work” and there’s nothing to worry about because the hard part, the preparation, has already been done.

In facing down the unranked Cummings, Nelson will indeed need to make sure his work is done. Cummins is a well-rounded fighter with a finishing rate of 77% and a professional record of 17 – 3, with his three losses transpiring at middleweight (2) and light-heavyweight (1). Since dropping down to welterweight and joining the UFC in August of 2013, Nelson has stood a perfect record of 2 – 0.  

In lead-up to his co-main event at UFN 46, “UFC on the Fly” caught up with Nelson and spent some time with him in Dublin. From the looks of him, Nelson appears to be ready for his bout with Cummings and once again, not getting overly excited about an upcoming match. As usual, he seems to be completely relaxed, focused, and ready to go to “work.”

To “Gunni,” his match with Cummings, like all of his other fights,  is going to be about “efficiency.” As Nelson sees it, it’s wiser for a fighter to be efficient over the whole fight than it is to go “(bursting) everything (in) one minute,” only to get outworked for the remainder of the bout.  

For the rest of Nelson’s UFN 46 pre-fight thoughts, here’s “Gunni” on the “Fly” in Dublin.

Video courtesy of the UFC 

Photo courtesy of Gunnar Nelson

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