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UFC on FX 8: Main card fight video highlights


If you missed any or all of the fights on tonight’s action packed card, here’s a perfect opportunity to get all caught up.

UFC on Fuel TV panel of Karyn Bryant, Chael Sonnen and Daniel Cormier break down the top 3 fights on the main card. Check out the full fight video highlights below.


  • Vitor is BRAND NEW.. that's all i can say about this! I had Luke taking this.. but the Vitor that showed up today is a brand new man by far the best Vitor we've ever seen in the octagon. That knockout was VICIOUS one of, if not THE best KO's i've ever seen in the UFC. It was a thing of Beauty! Looks like the blackzillian camp made some dramatic changes and this new version of Vitor ive seen today gives me a lot of hope for all the upcoming matches with blackzillian fighters…

    • When a fighter looks "brand new" at his age, especially after a career already spanning 19 years… Doesn't that make you a bit curious?

      Just sayin…

      • I gave you a Sharp because you read my mind. TRT is a legal form of cheating in my eyes and that is what I will think every time I see Vitor fight. I don't care what the rules say I can think for myself and it just wrong imo. Even if you put aside his use of steroids in the past, the human body starts to produce less testosterone post 30 naturally anyway, these athletic commissions are useless. Guys are getting banned for smoking weed but they don't even regulate the use of TRT properly what a joke.

        • damn i needed to log in to give you a sharp

      • It does make me curious… we all know that TRT is one of the reasons he is in such great shape… BUT… i honestly don't think it's cheating if it's only used to get the fighters testosterone to "normal" levels. It does not give the fighter an advantage over another. If anything it levels the playing field between the younger and aging fighters. If it's monitored throughout the whole camp and the levels are not elevated beyond regular standards i can't say it's cheating. Cheating nature? maybe… but not as a fighter. Other than that, like Luke said himself. That kick had absolutely nothing to do with TRT! That was just pure skill! Joining the Blackzillians was the best thing for Vitor, They broke him down to pieces and build a new fighter. It's very clear the chemistry is there and he showed once again how that translates into octagon performance.

        • How is it an even playing field when the younger fighter doesn't have an option to take some drug to get all the experience the older fighter enjoys.

          • Experience comes from training and fighting… Train and Fight more! Simple solution….

        • Normal testosterone levels should be lower in a man at age 36 compared to a man at age 19. There is nothing normal about having equal testosterone levels with such an age difference. The body normally produces less testosterone at an older age…it´s called aging…a natural biological process.

    • The dramatic change is called "TRT"!

  • There is way too much attention on Vitors use of trt. First of all most fighters and athletes in general are on trt or hrt. Second, trt doesn't make you a better fighter!! Why don't people realize that!!

    • So u use the old eveyone is doing it excuse. ….

      • I have 2 points. Everyone is doing it but there is way too much focus on Vitor and it doesn't teach you any skills! Trt helps you train harder or for longer but when it comes to the actual fight trt doesn't help your mma skills. That amazing spinning heel kick was all him

  • Thought I'd come in and see all the TRT crying drama queens.
    Just maybe Luke isnt all that…..ever think about that?