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UFC on FX 8: Bonuses and Attendance


If you watched this card, you must have been at home wondering how many people needed to be be in attendance in order to make that much noise. While no figures for the live gate were announced, it may surprise you that UFC on FX 8 was a smaller event that reportedly drew an attendance of 7,642.

For an arena the size of Jagarua Do Sul that is an impressive number, but the sheer force of noise and cheering is something we’ve never heard from a smaller crowd of that size, which goes to show how passionate the Brazilian fans are about their country men and this sport in general.

Bonuses for the night were also announced with Lucas Martins and Jeremy Larsen earning “fight of the night” for their bout on the prelims.

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza easily earned “submission of the night” with his super impressive, arm triangle choke over short notice replacement Chris Camozzi and finally guess who the “knockout of the night” was awarded to?

You guessed it! Vitor Belfort destroyed any chance of any other fighter winning the KO bonus by landing an extremely unexpected but viciously powerful spinning heel kick to the jaw of former Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold.

All four fighters earn themselves a pay cheque for $50,000 on top of their winnings.

  • I love watching Vitor Belfort fight but I hate the use of TRT because it tarnishes all his wins. Part of me says congratulate him, part of me says cheater….confusing

    • Yeah nice performance by Vitor, but in my opinion he is a cheater.
      I feel sorry for everybody who is fighting him. It just isn't right what he is doing.
      It destroys the sport and i think the UFC should do something about it.

      • In fairness, if roids won fights the Stephen Bonner would be LHW champ and beaten Anderson Silva.

    • This is kind of a ridiculous point of view. There are all sorts of things that can be wrong with your body, and one of them happens to be hormone deficiencies. Low testosterone is a legitimate medical condition. It could be potentially abused, which is why they have the rules they have in place. 1) You can't take TRT without notifying the commission/UFC so said treatment can be monitored and 2) your T to E ratio can't exceed 6 to 1, which is about the realistic maximum for an elite athlete to obtain normally. As long as he stays within the bounds set, what is the problem, and more to the point, why do you feel he is a cheater when he clearly isn't breaking any rules?

  • This is ridiculous. People have to realized trt doesn't give him super powers it just gives someone a slight edge to be able to train the way they used to. trt certainly didn't teach him that spinning heal hook!!!

  • I love Lukes interview, "he hit me with a spinning back kick man. I don't know what to tell you. A spinning back kick? Hats off to him."

    Hahaha Thats what everybody was thinking.

  • make it rain hater ade!