This one's short and entertaining. Some decent laughs, some much earned praise and some loose ends tied up.

Everything you were wondering after watching the fights was probably answered here.

First of the interesting developments I'd like to mention is the fact that Dana confirmed he'll be giving Ilir Latifi a second chance to prove himself in the UFC, which is a nice gesture and reward I'm sure most of the fans were hoping for.

After all, it's not everyday an unknown fighter gets thrown into a main event with a weeks notice against a top 10 opponent and goes three full rounds.

Also nice to see was Dana's praise of McGregor and his UFC debut which consisted of a phenomenal performance that lived up to and surpassed all of the hype surrounding this young Irish prospect.

I'd also like to note and discuss Dana's reaction to Vadim Finkelstein being in attendence at the event, anyone else pick up on some suspiscious behaviour?

Just watch that over and try to tell me he's being completely honest, because I don't buy it.