UFC on FOX 9: Road to the Octagon

UFC on FOX 9: Road to the Octagon


UFC on Fox 9, Johnson vs. Benavidez II is a week this Saturday night, December 14th and as all fans know, this is a stacked card.

It’s loaded down with four, if not more, significant fights and features a main card that promises to be nothing but fireworks.

In lead-up to the fight, the UFC has released its latest in “The Road to the Octagon” series and it’s a great episode, to be sure.

The program gives fans an insight into the fighters that will be participating in the “win, place and show” slots of the card, with a few of those glimpses being quite moving.

As an episode it focuses on the fly, bantam, and welterweight divisions and the six fighters that will be competing in the night’s event; namely, Demetrious Johnson, Joseph Benavidez, Urijah Faber, Michael McDonald, Carlos Condit and Matt Brown.

In each instance fans get to see that these athletes are so much more than skill, muscle and toughness. They are, in each case, men who care about and love their families and each has an amazing story to tell.

Of the six fighters featured, three of them stand out the most; Urijah Faber, Michael McDonald and Matt Brown.

In terms of Urijah Faber, fans learn of the near fatal car accident that almost claimed his sister’s life, of how she has struggled back with a remarkable recovery and the depth of the bond between “The California Kid”, his sister, and his whole family; truly they are a tightknit crew.

Regarding Michael McDonald, fans hear of how his working class parents sacrificed everything they could to ensure that he and his two brothers, Justin & Brad, could have their dreams of fighting in the UFC fulfilled. In two of the three cases his parents have been successful, leaving only the youngest, 20 year old Brad, yet to make yet make it to the senior promotion.

As to Matt Brown, fans learn of his struggle with drugs and addiction, principally heroin, and how he overcame it, replacing the one addiction with another; that of MMA. For fans of Matt’s, particularly those that first came to know him on “The Ultimate Fighter” season seven, back in 2007, it perhaps explains a few things. As fans recall, they met an incredibly intense 25 year old fighter who appeared to have all the skills and toughness required to be a legitimate contender in the welterweight division. However and nonetheless, he was perhaps a fighter that hadn’t quite yet found himself. As it stands today and heading into his fight on the 14th, Brown appears (now) to have more than found himself and his place within the division.

If you’re a fan of the Road to the Octagon series you’ll love this episode; it’s a great one.

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/purinho purinho

    Great card, can not wait for Brown vs Condit, I belive Condit will take this, his footwork and technique will be the key to win this fight.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/OperationCWAL OperationCWAL

    a weird feeling came by me when i saw faber's ****, chin, in slow motion. But i see where he got the **** chin from, his dad!

    • http://lowkickmma.com/author/OperationCWAL OperationCWAL

      B-uTT CHIN MAW GOD! cant even say booty