UFC on FOX 9 Bonuses, Attendance & Gate

UFC on FOX 9 Bonuses, Attendance & Gate


In a word, wow!

That was a great night of fights and the only complaint that a fan might have about the main card, is that it lacked Carlos Condit & Matt Brown. Truly, had the pair been added to the four matches fans were treated to this evening, it would have been yet again, another tour-de-force evening for the UFC on FOX.

Coming fast and hard off of the Brisbane, Australia event last Friday night (N.A. time), it was a tremendous follow-up event.

Each of the four fights presented on the main card this evening delivered; Lauzon / Danzig, Medes / Lentz, Faber / McDonald & Johnson / Benavidez. They were all great; no dogs to be found in Sacramento, tonight. Without a doubt, FOX Sports 1 should be well pleased with what their (MMA) partner has delivered over the last seven days. From a fans point of view, the senior circuit promotion has over delivered.

From the Mark Hunt / Antonio Silva fight of December 7th, to this evening’s KO punch of Joseph Benavidez, by (still) fly weight champion Demetrious Johnson, it has been one great fight after another.

In terms of the bonuses for the evening the big winners were Edson Barboza, Danny Castillo, Demetrious Johnson and Urijah Faber. Each was awarded $50,000 (US) for their performances.

Here are the particulars on the night’s card:

The attendance was 11,573 fight fans.

The gate was $1,066,610.

The Bonuses were (of course) 50K.

The fight of the night went to Edson Barboza and Danny Castillo. Although on the preliminary card, the two turned in a rousing fest. Castillo owned the first, as he dropped Barboza with punches and then bloodied up his opponent for the remainder of the round. However, Barboza survived. In the second and third Barboza returned the favor with a serious kicking attack to Castillo’s legs and body. As the fight went to the judges, Barboza walk out of the Octagon with a majority decision win.

The knockout of the night went to flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. In what was a beautiful round one KO and in an opening five that Benavidez was even looking good in, suddenly the champ laid Benavidez low with a solid right to the chin. And even though “Mighty Mouse” followed him to the ground and hitting him with several more shots, none were needed; “JB” was out on the first contact. Subsequent to the punch, the fight was over.

Submission of the night went to Urijah Faber and what a submission it was. Faber looked impressive through the first and probably took the round. Coming out in the second, Faber maintained his pace and dynamism and caught McDonald with a beautiful right, stunning his opponent. In follow and chase, Faber kept up the attack, with the result being that McDonald stumbled to the ground with Faber in pursuit. Grabbing hold of his opponent’s open neck, Faber latched on and it was over; McDonald tapped.

It was a great card to say the least.

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    I knew the bonuses as soon as they happened. right after the Barboza fight even with the main card to go I thought they'd win. I knew Faber took it as soon as he grabbed his neck, I knew Mighty Mouse took it as soon as Benavidez went down. well deserved bonuses. Some of these dudes got paidddd