UFC On FOX 8 Post Fight Press Conference

UFC On FOX 8 Post Fight Press Conference


Question to Rory: Technically wonderful or boring?

“I think I did what I was supposed to do. I kept up my end, he’s a counter-puncher and a very powerful puncher, I was waiting for my opportunities and he wasn’t coming in at the right time, he was staying back, he wasn’t engaging. I was playing my angels, waiting for my opportunities as I always do and he’s a smart fighter. I gotta’ hand it to him, but I felt I did the right thing. It’s just, I think I needed a few more minutes and I think I had a good chance to finish the fight, because I had his back.”

Question: Did you think the jab would be a big part of the game-plan, tonight?

“I react to what’s in front of me…the opening was the jab.”

Question to Johnson: Did you want to put on something special, tonight?

No. Not at all, man…my job is to finish.

Question to Dana White on MacDonald / Ellenberger: Were you bored? Where do RM go now?

Dana White (paraphrasing): Was on “Twitter” expressing his displeasure. The fight didn’t live up to expectations. Ellenberger “literally did nothing, his punch stat was close to zero…Rory didn’t do anything to try and go in and finish him…put a stamp on it, make a statement, not only to the world, but to the guys who are in that division, that’s why people booed…it didn’t live up to the hype.”


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    Rory is NOT ready for a title shot or even contenders match, he needs to fight 1-2 more top guys and Ellenberger, is NOT a top 5 WW or maybe not even top 10. Ellenberger looked terrible, I get it, Rory did so well that he made Ellenberger look bad, that being said I was shocked how one dimensional Ellenberger appeared. Rory did okay but he still is not ready to fight for a title and will struggle against Carlos Condit , Hendricks, GSP. He needs another 12 months or so in the gym.