UFC Manchester: Post-fight Press Conference

UFC Manchester: Post-fight Press Conference


UFC Fight Night 30 from the Phones 4U Arena in Manchester, England, is in the books and although not a great card, it was for the most part, reasonably entertaining. And where it had some disappointments regarding injuries and cuts, it did produce one beautiful moment in the Machida / Munoz fight.

Both fighters looked to be in tremendous shape and ready to go, and with Munoz attempting to fight Machida at range, “The Dragon” dropped him with a high head-kick. It was simply beautiful and for my money saved the card. Although short, the fight delivered and it provided a standout moment for the Manchester fans.

One of the major down sides of this card was fights stopped, due to injury or cut. The co-main, between Ross Pearson and Melvin Guillard was ended early in the fisrt due to a cut sustained to Pearson’s forehead. The fight was ruled a no contest, as the cut was derived by an illegal knee from Guillard. In the second fight, Ryan Jimo went down in the second round of his bout with Jimi Manuwa. Jimo seemed to be fine one minute, bouncing up and down on his toes and then suddenly, he went down clutching at his leg. As such, the event lost two of it’s main card bouts and some of the wind out of its sails.

Here’s the press conference, it should be starting shortly.

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