Phil Davis, along with Cung Le, sat ringside for UFC 157 giving color commentary on Machida / Henderson.

Davis gives the play-by-play and Le, his thoughts on who was winning the rounds and together, the two give fans an interesting perspective on how professional fighters view and call fights.

Davis’s comments in particular are of interest, as he will be fighting Lyoto Machida on August 3rd in Rio (UFC 163).

In his remarks he’s all flattery and respect for “The Dragon’s” talents and tactics. At the end of the fight, “Mr. Wonderful” even got up from his chair and began to mimic Lyoto’s hip movements. Davis says of Machida’s hips, “once he's started goin’ with those hips, bad stuff happens” and that he (Davis) plays ‘with that in practice sometimes, that Machida hip thing.”

If nothing else, this is some insight into how Davis feels about his upcoming opponent and that he knows he’s up against a very high-level fighter.

This should be an interesting fight and a good match of styles and where I’d favor Davis in a fight with most stand-up fighters, Machida is not most stand-up fighters. The Dragon has dealt with high-level, athletic and powerful wrestlers before and has KO'd them and the only one that Machida has failed to beat, was / is the 205 division champion, Jon Jones.

That said, Davis is a very promising fighter and one that is improving in leaps-and-bounds and should he be able to get it to the ground, then he could well finish the Dragon. Either way, this should be a good fight and will certainly have an impact on the division’s rankings and future title shots.