UFC Fight Night 38 Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight Night 38 Post-Fight Press Conference


UFC Fight Night 38 from Natal, Brazil, has come and gone, and wow, wasn’t the crowd stunned by the outcome.

The night had more than a few thrilling moments and number of great bouts, but the story of this card is all Dan Henderson and his thunderous TKO of Mauricio Rua

In the third round “Hendo” hit Rua with a right hook that echoed through the Nelio Dias Gymnasium and sent Rua rolling across the mat. Moments later, the arena was silent as Rua laid out with his back to the canvass; the referee having waived off the fight.

There are going to be a lot of great questions emanating from, what was a great card.

Other than the star of the night, Henderson, what’s going to be next for Fabio Maldonado and C.B. Dollaway?

Also, what lays ahead for “Shogun” Rua?

For the answer to all the question that stem from tonight’s results, here’s the post-fight Q & A.

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