UFC Fight Night 37 Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight Night 37 Post-Fight Press Conference


UFC Fight Night 37, as from the O2 Arena in London, England, is collapsed and its outcomes recorded.

In what was the first significant card to take place on the UFC’s Fight Pass subscription service, many fans in North America, particularly those in the United States, missed a solid card.

The biggest star of the night had to be Alexander Gustafsson.

Gustafsson put on an impressive and dominant performance, as he put away the powerful Jimi Manuwa via TKO early on in the second round.

The other impressers on the night were Gunnar Nelson and Michael Johnson. The dyad continues to make the case that they are two of the best fighters in their respective weight classes; welterweight and lightweight.

For the fallout from the card and what might be next for both the winners and losers, here’s the post-fight press conference.

It should begin shortly.  

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