UFC Fight Night 33 Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight Night 33 Post-Fight Press Conference


UFC Fight Night 33 is but a few hours away and with it, the answers to any questions fans might have about the card.

Will “The Super Samoan” Mark Hunt be able to defeat the behemoth Brazilian, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva?

Will Shogun Rua and Ryan Bader win their matches and put their careers back on track, or will they lose and fall further off the winning path?

Will Pat Barry be able to deal with the size and power of Soa “The Hulk” Palelei or will “HD” wilt under the weight of the enormous Australian?

All of these outcomes will be known later tonight and the post-fight press conference will give fans much insight into their meaning.

The questions of most interest will surely revolve around Shogun Rua. If he wins will he stay at light-heavyweight or drop down to middleweight? If he loses, will he retire, be cut or given an option to move to middleweight? As fans know, Rua’s record has been very spotty of late and a loss tonight would be his third in a row, and that’s never a good thing in the UFC; even if you’re Shogun Rua.

For the answer to the Rua questions and all things UFN 33, they shall become known and available at the post-fight press conference, which will begin (roughly) 30 minutes after the card concludes, as from the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, in Brisbane, Australia.

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