UFC Fight Night 32: Cezar Ferreira Believes A Victory Is Always A...

UFC Fight Night 32: Cezar Ferreira Believes A Victory Is Always A Great Thing


Cezar Ferreira won “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil” in June of last year, when he defeated Sergio Moraes by way of unanimous decision. However, Moraes was an accidental tourist at UFC 147 and a scratch replacement for the injured Daniel Sarafian.

As Sarafian had won the other spot opposite Ferreira for the TUF Brazil finale, many fans took the view that last night’s match between the pair was the real TUF finale, and not just a regular fight; that it was a championship bout, of sorts.

Of course that wasn’t Ferreira’s view of it. From Cezar’s point-of-view, he won TUF Brazil; Sarafian or no Sarafian.

That said, “Mutante” was happy to cull the win and split decision or not, “a victory is always a great thing”, as Cezar said. And on that point, he has a point, because his win was razor thin and many fans might say that he was lucky to get it.

In review of the fight, the only offense that Ferreira really offered were his takedowns and a nasty looking rear naked choke, which he slapped on Sarafian at the end of round three. Other than that, the fight was really more about Sarafian and his generalship in the Octagon. He was clearly the aggressor and it was obvious that Cezar wanted nothing to do with a stand-up fight, if he couldn’t have it at range.

However, in looking at the numbers Cezar clearly won. He managed three takedowns, while suffering none in return and passed Daniel’s guard five times. Be that as it may, and save for the RNC attempt in the third round, he did little to no damage to Sarafian while on the ground.

On the feet, Cezar outstruck Sarafian 55 to 31. However, Daniel landed the greater number of significant strikes; 21 to 15. On the issue, it appeared as if the results of those exchanges concerned Ferreira more so, than Sarafian; hence, Cezar’s desire to keep taking the fight to the ground. Simply put, Mutante didn’t seem to like the feel of Sarafian’s power.

Taking Sarafian’s power shots into consideration, along with his come-forward (Octagon) generalship, and the lack of meaningful damage delivered to him on the ground by Ferreira, it’s easy to understand why a number of the gathered audience elected to boo the split decision, call.

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