UFC Fight Night 27 Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC Fight Night 27 Post-Fight Press Conference


All other fights aside, Condit / Kampmann delivered, tonight.

In review of the performances and in conversation with its combatants, here’s the Q & A from the post-fight presser.  

First point of order: all preliminary fights, from now on, as were broadcast on FOX Sports2, will be now be broadcast on FOX Sports 1.

Second point of order: Vitor Belfort vs. Dan Henderson will also be on FOX Sports1, this coming November 9th.

Perhaps the best quote from the presser was Dana White answering a question about fighters and expectations of wins, White commented in answering a question about Brandon Thatch:

“There’s never our goes our way or doesn’t go our way. We’re in the fight business. We have 475 fighters under contract, whoever wins, wins and he’s the guy that moves forward…reality is better than anything you can dream up. So, Thatch wins tonight, he looks impressive, people are buzzing about him, people are talking about him on Twitter, tonight’s his night.”

Kelvin Gastelum said of his weight-cut to and performance at, 170 pounds, that he “felt real good, felt really relaxed. (He) felt like he really belonged, there.” \\

In terms of Rafael dos Anjos, White stated, “it was a big win for him, tonight.”

In terms of his victory over Kampmann, Condit says “he’s still processing it; maybe ask me in a few days.”

An interesting Q & A, it’s worth the view.

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