UFC Fight Night 27: Bonuses, Attendance & Gate

UFC Fight Night 27: Bonuses, Attendance & Gate


Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann topped a stacked line up at UFN 27, with plenty of barnburners and finishes throughout. The main event was a great comeback for The Natural Born Killer, who looked to be in amazing physical condition.

Elsewhere on the Indianapolis based card, Zak Cummings won against ‘Blanco’ with a slick d’arce choke, and Brandon Thatch debuted with a vicious TKo victory against Justin Edwards. A great night of fights for the UFC, who are certainly building up a head of steam this year.

The UFC has been around for 20 years now, it only seems like yesterday that I watched Bas Rutten win the UFC Heavyweight title. Check out how the bonuses were spread out, and the official audience/gate figures.

Here are the numbers:

The audience was, 5,950

The gate was, $355,290 (US)

The bonus values were, $50, OOO

Fight of the night went to, Condit / Kampmann

Knock-out of the night went to, Brandon Thatch

Submission of the night went to, Zak Cummings

Arena photo courtesy of UFC.com

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