UFC Fight For The Troops 3 Results Recap: Tim Kennedy Knocks Off...

UFC Fight For The Troops 3 Results Recap: Tim Kennedy Knocks Off ‘Sapo’s’ Block


Michael Chiesa vs. Colton Smith 

The battle of TUF winners Michael Chiesa and Colton Smith kicked off the main card. ‘Maverick’ takes the center early and starts throwing the jab.’ Smith returns with some nice body kicks and presses Chiesa up against the cage. Big slam by Smith and he takes Chiesa to the mat. Slick reversal by Chiesa as he sweeps from the bottom and ends up in mount. He takes Smith’s back and tries to lock in a (RNC) rear naked choke. Smith breaks out, the two get up and Chiesa gets dragged to the ground; where Smith looks to lock in his own RNC. Chiesa defends and breaks out seconds before the round end. The fighters come out and trade punches early in the second. Smith ties Chiesa up and presses him against the cage. Vicious hip toss by Chiesa and he immediately takes Smith’s back to lock in the RNC. This time it’s to tight for Smith forcing him to tap.

Michael Chiesa def. Colton Smith via R2 submission (rear naked choke)

Rustam Khabilov vs. Jorge Masvidal

Powerful Sambo fighter Rustam Khabilov took on hard-hitting Jorge Masvidal for the night’s next bout. Both fighters meet in the center and Khabilov tags Masvidal with a huge over hand right. The Russian follows up with a barrage of punches but Masvidal covers up and recovers well. Both fighters throwing big shots. Masvidal lands an excellently timed flying knee towards the end of the round and Khabilov takes him down. The fighters start the second at a slower pace. Khabilov throwing wild punches, Masvidal trying to pick him off with jabs and leg kicks. Both connect with big punches and Masvidal takes the fight down. Khabilov gets back up after eating a few elbows and takes his opponent back down, the two get back to their feet just before the round end.  The Russian fighter starts the third again throwing big punches and Masvidal is looking to counter. Oh my lord! Khabilov lands a huge wheel kick out of nowhere and drops Masvidal. Both fighters go to the mat but Masvidal manages to compose himself and get up. What a chin Masvidal has. The fighters tie up and go to the mat again with Masvidal on top. Khabilov tries to lock in a choke from the bottom but can’t get it. Both fighters back on their feet. What a round so far. Big punches being traded and Khabilov takes the fight down. Masvidal back up but not for long as he is planted on his back but manages to get to his feet before the end of the round. Great fight 

Rustam Khabilov def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision 

Ronny Markes vs. Yoel Romero 

Olympic silver medalist Yoel Romero took on Ronny Markes for the next bout. Some nice kicks by Romero to start. Markes gets a takedown but Romero is straight back to up. Romero throwing a lot of unorthodox strikes and Markes again takes the fight down. When the fighters get back up Romero lands a big right hand. A nice left straight by Romero and tries to take the fight down but can’t manage it. The second round starts and Romero lands more big kicks. Markes is getting tagged with straight right hands at will, before he is thrown to the ground. Another straight left by Romero. Markes getting chased and gets dropped with a huge body kick. The fighter gets back to his feet and starts to push the pace. Big flying knee followed by a body kick by Markes and both fighters trade shots. A big punch at the end of the round looks like it hurts Romero. Markes comes out aggressive in the third and both fighters go toe-to-toe. Markes gets caught with an accidental eye poke but the fight restarts quickly. Another big left straight by Romero. A huge left hand and Markes is down, one or two follow up punches and the fight is done.

Yoel Romero def. Ronny Markes via TKO RD 3

Liz Carmouche vs. Alexis Davis

The ‘Girlrilla’ vs. ‘Ally-Gator’ for the co-main event. Jabs by both ladies to start. Carmouche circling trying to catch Davis. Both fighters patient with their striking. Davis lands some hard leg kicks and hurts Carmouche. Davis pressing Carmouche who is limping around the cage. Carmouche lands a nice leg kick of her own to begin the second. Davis pressing Carmouche again but gets caught coming in with a huge right hook, cutting her above the eye. Both women trading shots and Davis lands another nice leg kick. The cut on Davis is starting to bleed badly now. Both ladies again trading punches but Davis looking like she is landing the cleaner strikes.  A takedown by Davis to finish the round. Both fighters come out and swing punches at the start of the third. Davis locks Carmouche up against the cage and lands some nice knees. Both fighters dirty boxing and looking to land elbows as the final bell rings. Great fight. 

Alexis Davis def. Liz Carmouche via unanimous decision 

Tim Kennedy vs. Rafael Natal 

Former Green Beret Tim Kennedy takes on dangerous Brazilian Rafael Natal for the main event. Kennedy takes the center of the cage and catches a big kick from Natal. Natal returns throwing some powerful body kicks. Kennedy being very patient picking his strikes. A couple of hard high kicks are blocked by Natal who returns with some punches. Natal slips under a punch from Kennedy to briefly take the fighter to the mat. A big leg kick, which Kennedy tries to check, puts him on the mat. Kennedy has a large welt on his leg now. A devastating lunging left hook from nowhere lands by Kennedy, a few follow up punches and Natal is out cold. What a finish.

Tim Kennedy def. Rafael Natal via K.O RD 1

Outer Photo: Joshua Lindsey for USA TODAY Sports

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/phildocta phildocta

    Michael Chiesa Round "2" via RNC

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/BrianCox Brian Cox

    In a word, he looked great. Very impressive win for Tim.

    The whole card was absolutely awesome.

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      Yes this card was great! Which again proves a card does not need big names to be great! It seems like the matchmaking keeps getting better and better. We've had so many amazing action packed cards this year….!