UFC Central: The Best of 2013

UFC Central: The Best of 2013


Truly, one of the best shows and most comprehensive MMA shows on TV has to be UFC Central.

Hosted by Joe “Showdown” Ferraro, the program regularly features all the news and interviews that an MMA fan might need to get them through a week.

As it is the end of the year, Showdown revisits the year that was 2013 and takes a look at not only its best fights, but also the stand-out KOs’, submissions and storylines that comprised the last 365 days of UFC history.

For some, like fans of Chris Weidman or Anthony Pettis it’s a happy trip down memory lane. For others, such as those of Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva or Junior Dos Santos, it’s perhaps a less fun stroll.

All things considered and aside from Anderson Silva breaking his leg, GSP vacating his title or Shane Del Rosario losing his life, it was a very good year for promotion. By any account, the UFC had a number of outstanding cards and a significant number of huge fights that had fans buzzing and talking for weeks, if not months, afterwards.

In retrospect, 2013 might have been the best year in UFC history and certainly stands as an excellent lead in to the 2014 campaign.

Here’s Showdown Joe with the year in review.    

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