UFC Asks Boston City Council To Repeal Minors Ban

UFC Asks Boston City Council To Repeal Minors Ban


Yesterday, Boston’s city council voted unanimously to ban minors (those under the age of 16) from attending (live) mixed martial arts events.

The effort to ban said minors from such sporting events has been led by Boston city council president, Stephen J. Murphy.

Murphy, who originally tried to have minors under the age of 18 banned from attending MMA events, has been on a one-man-mission in his efforts to thwart the UFC’s attempts to grow MMA in “Beantown” and according to UFC President Dana White, it’s all been a charade and nothing more than a backdoor attack by the Las Vegas culinary union; a body that the UFC has been doing battle with for years, now and a conflict that emanates from an un-related issue, namely the union’s desires to organize the Fertitta brother’s “Stations Casinos”.

In response, the UFC has issued a statement asking the council to reconsider the ban and in doing so, have publicly named council president Murphy and the allegations that he’s raised, which are ostensibly that the sport is too violent and that some of its participants are homophobic and sexist, as being nothing more than falsehoods and inaccuracies; which they are.  

As the ban itself is non-binding, it’s over-ridden by State law, the net effect of it is a null to the promotion. Subsequently, if the UFC chooses to return to Boston they are free to do so and the council will be powerless to prevent it.

The odious part of this debate (if it can be called that) is that minors, even those well below the age of 16, not only watch MMA, but they participate in it. Denying them the right to see professionals doing what they themselves practice weekly at their clubs, makes no rational sense.

Moreover, these same minors are inundated daily with images of violence and sexuality, and it’s in everything they watch. Whether or not it’s a movie or video, the latest game, TV shows or the news, it doesn’t stop and it’s as graphic as they can make it. Yet, councilman Murphy made no note of these facts in his presentation to the council.

The whole argument against MMA, UFC or otherwise, is a complete sham and has no basis in either logic or fact and no matter how hard the political panderers try, they cannot and will not, be able to stop MMAs’ inevitable rise to the top of organized professional sports.

To councilman Murphy, a man who’s probably never watched an MMA fight in his entire life, I say let it go, because he has no idea as to what he’s talking about and all he’s accomplishing is nothing more than embarrassing himself and the city of Boston.

The UFC’s statement to Boston’s city council, in full, is as follows:

“Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, learned today that the Boston City Council passed a non-binding resolution regarding mixed martial arts (MMA).

The non-binding resolution merely concludes that the city of Boston should follow existing state law. However, the Ultimate Fighting Championship is extremely disappointed that the non-binding resolution is filled with blatant inaccuracies and falsehoods. The UFC organization finds it shocking that Councillor Murphy would present such a misleading document for consideration to the City Council.

UFC is proud of the recent event it put on at the TD Garden, which was televised around the world. By all measures, the event was a resounding success, generating millions of dollars in economic benefit for the community and cast the great city of Boston in a positive light,” the statement read.

Councillor Murphy’s resolution demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about what mixed martial arts is, the amazing world class athletes that compete in the sport, and the many benefits it brings to a community. There is clearly a reason why MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

Consequently, it is unfortunate that Councillor Murphy’s actions caused the Boston City Council to be manipulated by a union based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We would hope that the City Council, once it learns the truth about MMA and all of the positive aspects of the sport, would consider revoking this non-binding resolution.”

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