UFC Actually Suspends Dan Hardy, Not CSAC


Originally it was learned that the California State Athletic Commission had denied Welterweight contender Dan Hardy from fighting on UFC On Fox 7, this upcoming Saturday but it appears to be initiated by The UFC. The toe-to-toe slugger Hardy was recently diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a rare heart disorder that sends extra electricity through the heart upon its second beat. In mild cases, it causes a rapid heart beat and heart palpitations, but in extreme cases can cause sudden cardiac arrest. Surgery can be successful but Hardy has decided against it.

Initially CSAC Administrator Shilo Wilson said she received Hardy’s physical, neurological exam and MRI, however, she received an email from the UFC that stated the fighter had been pulled from the card “due to medical injury.”

Hardy was quoted as saying, “”They could schedule me for a surgery within the next couple of days after my appointment, and I could go in, and they could put tubes up the insides of my legs and into my neck and see if they could find the extra electrical impulse, and if they could fix it, then I’d be out for a week…..Which immediately to me said, ‘So, you want me to have the surgery, and then take a week off and then train for a week, and fly out for the fight?’ It just didn’t make sense. It wouldn’t have happened.”

He continued, “I’ve been in the trenches, and I’ve never had any problems….I don’t see any reason why [the UFC] wouldn’t use me, but obviously, the decision is out of my hands.”

It looks like The UFC is playing it safe with Hardy and will not be awaiting the CSAC’s decision.


  • Well, hope the best for the kid. I think though ( just trying to bring a little light humor here ), the best short term solution for the extra electricity, would be to braid static probes to the end of his hawk, to re-route the voltage away from his heart, and discharge it harmlessly into the air. Seriously though, hope everything works out for Dan.

  • "I've been in the trenches, and I've never had any problems….I don't see any reason why [the UFC] wouldn't use me, but obviously, the decision is out of my hands."
    The reason is that they know of this condition before the fight. If he fights and is killed, the UFC would be easily found negligent in his death. It would be totally irresponsible of them to allow him to fight.

  • It's a difficult situation for all parties involved.

    I hope that Hardy keeps good health, apart from that I'll leave it up to him and the UFC to decide what's best.