UFC 172 Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 172 Post-Fight Press Conference


To say the least it was a dazing night of fights from Baltimore this evening, as the UFC put one what many fans are calling ‘Card-of-the-Year.”

Fans that saw it from bottom to top were overwhelmed by an event that was awash in stunning finishes, and awe inspiring fights.

Surely the struggle for UFC President Dana White, will be which of the fighters, performances, and bouts, are worthy of post-fight bonuses. Regardless of where the promotion’s rain might fall, the non-reported bonuses for tonight’s card are sure to be both bountiful, and lucrative. Regarding the subject, fans should not be shocked it the statutory 50K mark is not topped this evening.

For all the subtle nuances that will emanate from the weekend’s UFC 172 card from Baltimore, Maryland, the post-fight press conference will begin roughly thirty minutes after the last bout’s determination.  

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    Oh no! It says 173 and it should say 172! How can a writer on a website like this misinform the public with the wrong number of an event. Isn't it your job to write articles all day long and to never ever make a single typo? Shame on you Brian

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      I'm tripping cuz I don't smoke but I'm a frequent Yak sipper & a Winner

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        Self-sharp vote is strong with these Yak comments.

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    $45,000 is a lot of money to a company worth 3.5 billion or more? Take the Werdum vs. Browne card, even if it did cost that much every single fight that would take away $585,000 out of a gate of 1.6 million which still leaves it barely breaking a million dollars. Granted that may seem like a big dent, that's not one of the PPV's where the real revenue comes from and if the UFC was genuinely headstrong about cleaning up PED's they would pump their own money into it and make a real effort, but they look at it from a business aspect instead of a sporting aspect, so it's unlikely that will happen.

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    45k is ridiculous!

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/TheXperience TheXperience

    lol @ how Jones was clowning Davis