When the news broke that UFC 168 was subject to a five dollar surcharge, MMA fans worldwide shared a pretty unanimous decision: this sucks. And, in my opinion, quite rightly so. Such blatant (alleged) extortion from a company that dominates the market has left a bad taste in the MMA fandom’s collective mouth.

UFC President Dana White shrugged off initial questions surrounding the price rise, stating that it was only for one event and ‘Just bring a few more friends around'. Fans weren’t best pleased, but one event (possibly the biggest ever) of Weidman/Silva 2 at 168 and then it’s back to normal, right? Wrong.

DW had assured us that the prices for UFC 169 onwards would be back the regular price of $54.95 (still not a measly sum by any means), but it appears that the PPV prices on the UFC official website would beg to differ. Check them out:

You know me, I’m an eternal optimist, but I just can’t help feeling a bit like Jenna Jameson in the 1990’s. Basically, we are getting screwed here. It’s one thing to say that there is a five dollar surcharge on an already ridiculously priced event, but to continue with a higher price tag seems like a spit in the face of hard working fans.

I can't help but think that the UFC is setting itself up for a bit of a fail here. Imagine if the biggest ever draw for the UFC is marred by this surcharge. Weidman/Silva 2 is a flop on the PPV's and as a result, potentially loses a portion of it's regular market. What then?

When you consider that long established sports like football and baseball appear without a PPV charge; you start to ask why are we even paying for these shows? MMA is nowhere near the mainstream sport that pro football is, yet you can watch an entire weekend of Superbowl for free. Anyway, rant over. Anyone else annoyed?