UFC 168 on PPV: Extended Preview

UFC 168 on PPV: Extended Preview


One of the most anticipated cards of the year and indeed the calendar’s closing event is UFC 168.

Slated for the 28th of this month in Las Vegas, Nevada, 168 features a main and co-main event the likes of which the promotion has probably never seen.

Featured in the two fights are middleweight champion Chris Weidman and number one ranked challenger and Anderson Silva. The match is a sequel bout to the pair’s July UFC 162 fight, and is the former 11 time defending champion’s opportunity to prove that Weidman’s defeat of him (Silva) was “lucky”. For Weidman, it’s his chance to prove that it wasn’t luck.

However and as exciting as their match might be, it might well be over shadowed by the drama of the co-main. As much as Silva might want his belt back and as much as he might want to beat on Chris Weidman, it pales in comparison to the animosity between bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and number two ranked challenger, Miesha Tate.

The duos feud dates back to May of last year and the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight championship. In the bout and on the day, Tate would come up short in the fight and lose her title to the challenger Rousey; round one, armbar. Since the loss, Tate has been chomping on the bit to get back at, what she views to be, the disrespectful and arrogant Rousey. For her part, Rousey doesn’t care about any disrespect she may have shown Tate and gives not a tinker’s d**n about displaying any arrogance.

Put it all together and this fight has either payback or embarrassment written all over it. Either way, one of these fighters is going to have the last laugh on the other and as such, it promises to be an extremely entertaining fight. It’s certainly the one fight on the card with a real backstory and drama. Where Weidman and Silva may have their disagreements in the Octagon, they nonetheless respect one another. In the case of Rousey and Tate, there is no such relationship. These two fighters really dislike one another and as such, it’s a legitimate fight; one not so much for a title or money, but one based on true animosity.

The card should be great and is only a mere $55 (or better) from your local provider.

In advance of the card, here’s the extended preview for the card.

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