Today is the day and the place to be, the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Tonight the UFC puts on one of its best cards of the year and with it, one of the most anticipated fights of not only the last 12 months, but also, one of the most anticipated fights of Georges St. Pierre’s illustrious career.

Tonight the welterweight champ puts his title on the line for a ninth consecutive time and attempts to extend his winning streak to an incredible 12 straight wins. Across the cage from him this evening will be what many consider to be the greatest threat GSP has ever faced, Johny “Bigg Rigg” Hendricks.

Bigg Rigg packs a great deal of power and has a wrestling pedigree that stands him to be a formidable challenge to the champion. However, “Rush” brings his own masterful skillset to the fight and further, the champ appears to be motivated and in high spirits going into the match.

Further still, GSP seems to have finishing Hendricks on his mind. He has spoken of his frustration in not finishing fights and the other day when the champ was rolling with Royce Gracie, he even made note of it to the Jiu Jitsu master.

This should be a great card  and it should be an incredible night of MMA for the fans to witness.

If you'd care to cath the Q & A from the post-fight presser, the conference begins (roughly) 30 minutes after the card terminates.