“Phantom Cam” highlights are always a post-fight treat and for UFC 167, it’s no different.

It’s amazing to watch these great warriors taking shots in high definition and slow motion. It really does speak not only to the power, but the grace of the sport. It may sound odd to say that, but when slowed down, as in the case with the PCH, you can see both qualities very clearly.

Most assuredly we can see the power, for with every punch and kick thrown we see the fighter’s heads rock and wobble, their ears flopping around, and shock waves can be seen rippling across the target’s body.

As to the grace, in slow motion it truly does come to life; dare a fan call it beautiful. Perhaps it’s the real reason why we all watch. For buried within the fight or the “competition as Chael Sonnen would put it, is the ebb and flow of talented athletes doing battle, and in what might be best be described as a dance of violence. Although we see it for what it is in real time when watched live or in replay, it’s not until slowed down do we get to fully appreciate the artistry of our sport.

Phantom Cam video courtesy of the UFC.