With what looks to be a great card already, the UFC has (today) announced the addition of long-time veteran Josh Koscheck and Tyron Woodley as a matched bout for UFC 167 in Las Vegas, this coming November 16th.

In a card that’s shaping up to be a heavily oriented to determining who’s who in the promotion’s 170 pound division, Koscheck / Woodley ports two more big, powerful and athletic wrestlers with KO power, to the event.

Koscheck, who remarkably will be making his 23rd Octagon appearance with UFC 167, he’s class of 2005, is one of the best pure wrestlers the UFC has ever seen. He is a physically powerful man and tremendously gifted athlete.

If he had a knock on his career, then I’d say it would be that his gifts are so great that from time-to-time he has ended-up taking some of his opponents lightly and on occasion, has fought recklessly and in both cases, he's paid the for it.

On an ancillary note, he’s also one of the greatest “heels” that’s ever been in the UFC.

On the other hand, Tyron Woodley is a relative newcomer to the UFC (he came in this year and has a 1 & 1 record) and is a fighter who is struggling to find his voice in a stacked division. In his first fight against Jay Hieron he impressed, with a 36 second KO of his opponent. In his second fight he failed to impress in a very boring match with and loss to, Jake Shields.

He has tremendous power and can definitely KO an opponent, yet he looked hesitant and unwilling to commit to any serious attacks in his last fight.

In terms of how he might match-up against Koscheck it’s difficult to say. They have similar backgrounds and styles, they both have power. That said, Kos brings an aggressive game and loves to throw those bombs. He’s also a very tough guy, as he proved against GSP in their second fight, when he fought rounds 4 & 5 with a broken orbital bone and he neither quit, nor backed down.

The fight is an important match for both fighters. Koscheck is on a two fight losing streak, is now off the top-ten welterweight rankings list and will be 36 years old in November. His career opportunities and time are running out and simply put, he needs the win if he’s to have any hope of remaining relevant or climbing back in to the rankings mix.  

Woodley needs the win to prevent a loss from turning into a losing streak and also to make some noise within the division. Although Koscheck’s career might be on the downturn right now, he’s still nonetheless a big name in the division and the sport, and a win over him would carry more weight than a win over an un-known fighter, particularly with the fans.

It should be a good bout and an even better card.