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UFC 167: Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Fight Breakdown


Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks will collide at this cming Saturday’s UFC 167, where GSP will look to defend his 170lb. title for a record 9th consecutive time. The opponent standing in his way is none other than hard-hitting KO machine Johny Hendricks, who has fought harder than most to gain his shot at the belt.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown for the evening’s main event:


GSP is a very well rounded striker; a black belt in two forms of Karate and a protégé of legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach and Muay Thai legend Phil Nurse. Hendricks on the other hand is a devastating striker who has put Jon Fitch, Martin Kampmann, Charlie Brenneman, Amir Sadollah and TJ Waldburger to sleep en route to his first ever title bout.

St-Pierre has an excellent jab which he utilizes in conjuction with perfectly timed takedowns, but Hendricks has the obvious power advantage with his brutal hooks. I’m going to give ‘Bigg Rigg’ the nod for that reason, 60-40 Hendricks.


 St-Pierre is a black belt in BJJ and Gaidojitsu and, though he holds only five submission wins, I would give St-Pierre a clear advantage in this department. Hendricks is no slouch on the mat, but holds only one submission win and prefers to stand and bang.

As GSP holds such high level, constant training in submission grappling; I’m giving the Champion the nod at 70-30.


Johny Hendricks is the NCAA division I All-American for 2004, 05, 06 and 07, and Junior Freestyle wrestling boss for 2001/2. He has a solid wrestling base and the experience to back it up. Although St-Pierre lacks the credentials, he is well known as one of the greatest wrestlers in the sport.

GSP has one of the most powerful double leg takedowns I have ever seen, and has fended off ‘superior’ wrestlers such as Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Jake Shields and Matt Hughes; proving that credentials mean squat when you are in the cage with GSP.

I know I’ll probably get some heat for this call, but I’m giving GSP the nod in wrestling at 60-40.

  • Giving GSP the nod in wrestling at 60-40 makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever but i'll respect your opinion 🙂 to each their own.

    GSP has a mean double leg BUT wrestling is not just about "double legs" I say Hendricks has a lot more tools when it comes to wrestling so 60-40 for Hendricks.

    I'd say GSP has the striking advantage technically 75-25 BUT when it comes to power 25-75, so that evens it out to an overall 50-50.

    I'll give GSP the grappling edge but i think it's a little closer than that, i'd say 60-40

    • GSP's wrestling is better than Hendricks hands down…. IN MMA! Big difference in NCAA wrestling & MMA wrestling, Hendricks stats in college meant the same thing as it did for Koscheck, when he fought GSP, NOTHING! If Chael Sonnen says there's only one fighter whos got better wrestling than him, (which he said was GSP), then I think I'll take his word for it. If Hendrick's wrestling is so good, then why did he have to continue to keep taking Condit down? While GSP only had to take him down 4 or 5 times, but he kept him there, Hendricks could not!

      Though your name does explian your lack of knowledge in this subject…. the INEXPERIENCED1

    • Gsp has the striking advantage, Hendricks has the power advantage. In terms of wrestling Hendricks wins everyday of the week in pure "wrestling" however time and time again top wrestlers have been taken down when a barrage of strikes are mixed in and their cardio depletes. I give GSP the win in this fight…

  • George has better striking, he outstruck Condition, who outstruck Hendricks. I know you said you based it off Hendricks power, but take away his left hand and be has nothing. George has better MMA wrestling, as seen he dominated Condit on the ground whereas Hendricks couldn't touch Condit once he had him down

    • MMA math does not work…. Also Condit's wrestling improved with leaps and bounds since he fought GSP cause he recognized that hole in his game and did something about it and GSP only managed to outpoint Condit because Condit was a little to hesitant to strike throughout most of the fight because he was worried about the takedowns. This is why MMA math does not work! Especially in what you just mentioned.

    • lol Magic, You must have used a cell phone to post this…looks like it auto-corrected "Condit" and inserted "Condition"

  • I believe the move GSP has been working on is a counter hook to a Hendriks straight.

    Misdirected power is useless and I believe that GSP will prove this on fight night.

    I am a big fan of Hendricks, I believe Hendricks would nuetraliize GSP's wrestling and potentially punish him with GnP…

    My two cents

  • You contradicted yourself, first you said that you think GSP will expose Hendricks, then you said you think Hendricks will neutralize GSP

    • To be fair, he actually said he thinks GSP will out strike Hendricks with counter tactics and basically not rely on his wrestling.he thinks Hendricks would win the wrestling battle and GnP.