UFC 167 is in the books, and reigning champ GSP retained his Welterweight title in a very close decision win over Johny Hendricks; shortly after claiming that he would step away from the sport for a while.

With such an action filled card last night, and so many interesting bouts, I feel compelled to look over, analyze and speculate about all things 167. First off:

MMA judging

I actually thought that the judging leading up to last night’s main card was pretty good, the rightful winners were selected in all of the bouts that went the distance and everything was peachy. Then along comes the main card judging fiasco. Firstly Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald was a split decision? Really?

One ‘judge’ scored the bout 29-28 for MacDonald, who was dropped TWICE in round three. I scored the third round a 10-8 and assumed the unanimous decision was on the way, but the judge that scored it for MacD either gave him 11 points in one round or gave him the first two rounds and only scored round three 10-9 for Lawler. Don’t even get me started on St-Pierre vs. Hendricks (because that fight gets it’s own article shortly). Dana White says he is appalled by the Las Vegas judging; looks like the UFC might be moving hometown soon.

Tyron Woodley is for real

Many hailed last night’s main card bout between Tyron Woodley and Josh Koscheck as a do-or-die bout for the former TUF star, and it turns out that it may have been his last. Woodley survived an early scare to come back and destroy Kos, landing a perfectly timed right hand to put his foe away in impressive fashion.

T-Wood made up for his disappointing scrap againat Jake Shields by arguably retiring Kos, look for a big name opponent in the 170lb. division in Woodley’s next bout.

Chael Sonnen should stick to Middleweight

Chael Sonnen and Rashad Evans went at it last night, with ‘Suga’ emerging victorious by first round TKO. Sonnen, as always, was a game dog on fight night; something that isn’t really enough when you are outsized.

Chael P has spent his last three bouts in the UFC 205lb. class, going 1-2 (his only LHW win coming against a large Middleweight in Shogun Rua) and really needs to stay in the Middleweight division. I am actually becoming a Sonnen fan (*pukes in mouth) and would like to see him do well; but that won’t happen as long as naturally bigger guys are tossing him around.

Honorable mention goes to Thales Leites for most blanket like fighter, Rory MacDonald for least gracious psychopath, Donald Cerrone for the hitman performance and T-Wood gets another shout  for his epic post fight interview with Joe Rogan.