Yesterday, it was time to wax regarding Junior Dos Santos / Cain Velasquez I. Today, Velasquez fans get to bask in the glory that was JDS / Velasquez II.

In reviewing the fight and particularly the bouts opening round and minutes, a story seems to have been buried in the beating that Velasquez delivered that night and that is this, for the first two or so minutes of the fight JDS was not only stuffing Cain’s takedowns, but even when brought down, Junior popped right back up, again.   

More to the point, it wasn’t until Junior tired that Cain began to have success and exert his dominance.

On this issue, Dos Santos fans will eagerly point to how early Junior began to fade and fail, and that had he been in better condition (not over trained), things would have looked differently in the ring that night.

Regarding Dos Santos’s fans point-of-order, they might have something of a case. For a fighter of JDS’s caliber to fade that fast in a fight (he was already winded within the first three minutes of round one, even Joe Rogan noted it in his color commentary), then surely something was wrong and as it turned out, apparently something was wrong; medically.

To this, Velasquez fans are apt to scoff and throw ridicule. Their pat answer is most likely to be that Junior lost, because Cain came out and put it on him and at a pace Junior couldn’t handle. Further to the point, they will make a solid argument that the trilogy bout will go down the same way; that Cain will once again come out and push Junior to exhaustion and defeat.

Of course all of this could be true, but as JDS fans are sure to say in riposte, this time through Junior won’t be over trained and that even if Cain can go five hard rounds, Junior won’t need to go more than the first three or maybe even the first one.

Either way, the more the more we think about this match the more intriguing it becomes and most of that intrigue revolves around Junior Dos Santos, and which “Cigano” will show up for the fight. Happily for Velasquez fans they don’t have to worry about that question, because there’s no doubt about which Cain is going to show up for the October 19th bout, in Houston.