In what was, as Dana White put it, “the sickest night” of fights that the UFC has ever put on, UFC 166 is now in the books; its numbers available.

The attendance for the evening was, 17, 278.

The paid gate was 2.5 million (US) dollars

The Bonuses paid out for the evening were $60,000 (US)

Fight of the night / fight of the century went to Gilbert Melendez & Diego Sanchez: Truly, if you didn’t see this fight (live) make sure you hunt it down online. In a word, wow! It fulfilled every hope and dream that any had of this bout. Although Melendez culled the victory, many fans might scratch their heads as to the outcome of the bout, had it carried another two rounds. In a nutshell, Sanchez looked the stronger fighter, by the end of 15.

Knockout of the night went to John Dodson: Darrell Montague was doing well against John Dodson, until he wasn’t. Dodson sat in with a huge right and it was, over. Dodson used tremendous speed and agility to set his opponent up and then he laid him out; end of fight.

Submission of the night went to Tony Ferguson: Ferguson took home a cool 60K for a beautiful submission (Brabo Choke) of Mike Rio, at the 1:52 mark of the first round; Rio was lost to defend it.