Matt Mitrione to Brendan Schaub: I’ll Buy You A Beer With My...

Matt Mitrione to Brendan Schaub: I’ll Buy You A Beer With My Win Money


“You’re going to get your *** whooped. I’ll buy ya a beer with my win money, but go f**k yourself until then.”

Those are the words of Matt Mitrione, regarding his “friend” Brendan Schaub.

For his part, Schaub says of Mitrione and their upcoming bout on Saturday night, that “he’s in a fight he can’t win. He’s out of his league. He’s out of his element.”

Collectively, for two people who state that they are friends, they certainly have no problem in throwing mud at one another.

Mitrione says of Schaub that “his chin sucks”, that he has poor stand up and that he doesn’t care about Brendan’s Jiu Jitsu. On the other hand, “The Hybrid” seems to view Mitrione as a washed up x-football player who got into MMA, because he thought he could and the sport was hot. To this point, Schaub wants to show “Meathead” what the difference is between a mixed martial artist and a football player.

For me, I have to say that I’ve bought into this fight and the drama behind it. I don’t think that friendship will stand in the way of a good fight, here and that actually, it might even help in this case. As they are friends and honestly seem to have issues with one another, I suspect they’ll show up and bang, not just dance around and kill the clock.

With that said, if I had to put my money on one or the other to bring the fight, I’d put it on Matt. As a fan, I’d affirm all day that Meathead is a little intense and a little whacky, and I don’t think he’s joking around about wanting to put beating on Schaub.

When Matt states, “I can’t wait to beat the s**t out of you”, I for one believe him and I think he’s got all the tools to do it.

Sandwiched between the Pat Healy bout and Renan Barao’s title defense, this will hopefully be a good fight and one with a KO finish.

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  • KeyboardStriker

    Tough call here. Schaub has all the tools, but has been put to sleep a few times by dudes who can generate quick power. Mitrione is a dude who can generate quick power.

  • D

    Schaub is right in a way that Matt is out of his league. He is better everywhere.

    I just think Matt's reach and power and Schaub's chin is a bad combination for Schaub. I see Mitrione getting the KO.

    • NCapone

      So Shaub is better everywhere but is going to get knocked out? real intelligent comment lol

      • JuLz

        NCapone, new to MMA? Let me explain…the sport is littered with upsets, when a completely out matched opponent wins by surprise KO.
        There is a phrase from boxing "Puncher's Chance", termed for this phenomena. Never write off someone with thunder in their hands.

        • 51JD51

          New to the internet Julz? I think that's what was called a joke. Mousasi is suggesting that Matt is out of league, but unfortunately for him he's been sent down to the minors from the the big leagues.

      • D

        Schaub has much better technical striking, and is definitely much better than Mitrione on the ground. He's probably also the better wrestler. So as far as skills go, he is better everywhere.

        He just doesn't take punches well, which is why I think he's going to get KO'd.

        It' doesn't always come down to who has better skills.

        • Brian Cox

          Mousasi, you made me laugh.

          "He just doesn't take punches well…"

          I agree with your analysis; funny way of stating it.

  • D

    Oh and Schaub was a football player before he got into MMA too…what the hell is he talking about.

  • 51JD51

    That is such a great quote by Mitrione, I don't think anyone (besides Leben) that has gone through such a a dramatic turn around in perception from how they were portrayed on TUF to how they are perceived now. How can you not like him when he drops lines like that.

  • TheRealDeal

    "A Meathead goes into a bar and walks up to another Meathead"…….

  • Cookie77

    The Mud had to be sling to get some spice in this fight. I mean Honestly the winner is a step closer BUT no where near a title contender.