If you’re a fan of the sport and a fan of the fights that transpired, then the “Phantom Cam Highlights” are always something to look forward to.

If one could find a criticism of them, it’s that they should be longer. It would be great to see five minutes of Jones / Gustafsson, this close up and personal.

In viewing, it’s fascinating to see the true impact of the shots thrown by all the fighters; Jones and Gustafsson, in particular. The pair threw some outrageous bombs at one another and to see it in slow-motion, fans can only scratch their heads in amazement that there wasn’t a KO in the bout.

Of particular note, is a Gustafsson heavy left to the right-side of Jones’s head. In a word, wow.

The punch shows up at the 1:40 mark of the video and the shock wave that travels across the champ’s face is impressive, to say the least. “The Mauler” walloped Jones so hard, that the champ’s nose visibly navigates well to the left of his face. Surely, the punch would have dropped most opponents, but not Jones.

As the champ has now been promised to Glover Teixeira for his next title defense, fans will have to wait to see a re-match between the two light-heavyweight giants. However, the fight will most assuredly happen and as most won’t be giving Glover much of a chance against Jones, it could easily prove true that the UFC will keep Gustafsson on the shelf until Jones / Teixeira has come and gone, and then re-match Jones with the Mauler immediately, thereafter.

Either way, the bout will happen and it’s reasonable to assume that we won’t be waiting on it long. There’s simply too much interest in and too much money to be made, off of re-matching the pair. As it stands, we’ll probably see that match in the late summer of 2014.  

For the record, I thought it was the greatest fight in UFC history.