UFC 165 Bonuses, Attendance & Gate

UFC 165 Bonuses, Attendance & Gate



If you saw it, you know what the wow is in reference to. If you missed it, then you need to go find the card online. UFC 165 from Toronto was, hands down, one of the best cards that the UFC has ever put on; bar none.

The card had everything that a fan could want or hope for and more.

It delivered for every nickel of its fifty dollar pay-per-view and particularly, it stands out in a month and summer, which has been hammered by MMA viewing options. Again, it cannot be stressed enough, in terms of how this card paid off.

Here are the numbers from the night, inclusive of its bonuses:

The attendance was 15,504.

The gate was 1.9 million (CDN)…same as the last time the UFC put on an event in Toronto.

The bonuses paid out were 50K (CDN)

Fight-of-the-night went to, Jones & Gustafsson for their epic battle and war; a five round barn burning event that had many at the post-fight presser querying White, in terms of a re-match between the two combatants.  

Knock-out-of-the-night went to Renan Barao, for his masterful KO of Eddie Wineland, in the second round of their match. If you saw it, Barao came out and looked good in the first, but Wineland seemed to be disrespecting Barao’s stand-up, power and timing. The second broke and Wineland came out with the same moving forward generalship. As the round drew to a close, Renan turned on Wineland, catching him cleanly with a spinning-back-kick and the fight was over. With the KO and regardless of Dominick Cruz’s anticipated return, Barao has laid to rest the qualification of “interim”, before the declaration of his title. 

Submission of the night went to (Canadian) Mitch Gagnon, for his round one guillotine choke of Dustin Kimura. In submitting Kimura, the 135 pound Gagnon looked like a man on a mission. He jumped guard and sunk the choke in so firmly, that Kimura was literally lifted from his feet. Choking out his opponent to the point of unconsciousness, referee Yves Lavigne was forced to step in and free the limp Kimura from Gagnon’s grasp; earning SOTN and his ninth consecutive submission victory in a row, Mitch Gagnon.

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    Funny people were talking about how Jones had no Frazier.

    I think Gus is his Frazier. That was up with Shogun vs Hendo and all the other epic wars that went on recently. It proved Bones more of a champion then any other fight.