UFC 164: Extended Preview

UFC 164: Extended Preview


MMA is on a roll these days and it’s only getting better.

This August 31, MMA fans get a great treat with UFC 164: Henderson / Pettis.

In a re-match that’s been on fans minds for nearly 3 years, now and since their last meeting for the WEC lightweight championship belt, people have wanted to see these two incredible fighters go at it, again.

For his part, Ben Henderson is confident that his wrestling and ground game will be too much for Pettis this time round and that his striking has improved since their last encounter.

Anthony Pettis on the other hand, simply thinks that Henderson has his belt and he wants it back. He said the moment “Bendo” won it he started thinking about a re-match: “I beat this guy, that’s my belt.”

The co-main on the card is an interesting and important fight for both fighters. The bout features Josh Barnett in his UFC debut, as pitted against long-time heavyweight veteran, Frank Mir.

For Barnett it’s the beginning of his MMA swan song and an opportunity to make a big statement within the heavyweight division right out of the gate. If he can come in and take out the #6 ranked Mir, he will immediately put his name into the title-shot mix and raise his (assigned) #10 ranking.

In the case of Mir, it’s an opportunity to stop a 2 fight losing streak and prove to himself, the division, his fans and more importantly the UFC brass, that he’s still a legitimate threat within the division. As it stands, a third loss could well see the veteran cut or at the very least, waltzing himself further down that path.

It’s also an opportunity for Mir to demonstrate any and all improvements that he’s made in his game, since moving over to Greg Jackson’s camp.

On the PPV scale, this card is looking to be a definite buy.

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    Question for you expert on fighting. i been arguing with my friends on who would win in a fight between a hockey players or team against and an nfl players or team? i choose nfl players but all my friends say hockey player because they fight all time. what your opinion.

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      For what it's worth: Go Pats

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