UFC 163: Media Day Highlights

UFC 163: Media Day Highlights


UFC 163 is all but here and with it, hope springs eternal for all combatants. Every fighter believes that they have the plan and the willpower to overcome their opponent and will exit the Octagon with some combination of victory, belt or bonus.

At the media day scrum, Jose Aldo spoke of the burden that he carries and that it weighs exactly 9 kilos; he hopes to carry it the whole of his career. His confidence is so high, that he made mention of his hopes to someday be burdened with the weight of a second belt.

Chan Sung Jung spoke of a tough camp and being ready. That being far from home or not, he’s glad to be in Rio and he’s ready to fight.

Phil Davis spoke of feeling “a little Brazilian”. As his nickname is “Mr. Wonderful”, so too does Rio carries the moniker of “The Wonderful City” and as such, the enigmatic Davis made note of it in hope that it might curry favor with the Brazilian crowd, which it seemed to do.    

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