UFC 163: Jose Aldo – The Zombie Strategy

UFC 163: Jose Aldo – The Zombie Strategy


August 3rd approaches quickly and with it, a battle between reigning featherweight champion Joes Aldo and Chan Sung Jung.

In this video we find out that a portion Aldo’s game-plan is to use the crowd to his advantage. To that end, Jose and his camp have created and will be providing to the Brazilian crowd, T-shirts, flags, masks and chants. It is his intention to turn the event into a “big party” and use the fans as motivation and inspiration, during the fight.

Aldo looks to be in good spirits and in great shape. He said that the change of opponents did not affect him, because there are a lot of similarities between (scratched fighter) Anthony Pettis and his replacement “The Korean Zombie”. He said that both are “orthodox strikers”, but Jung has a better ground game. For that, Aldo says he’s “adjusted” his camp and trained for a possible ground war.

Taking all of his talent, hard work and positive attitude into consideration, the Zombie is, nonetheless, going to be a serious match for the champion. He’s a come-forward type of fighter, tough and only been stopped once. Should Aldo not be successful in employing his kicking game, this could well end up being Aldo’s toughest test to date.

Video Courtesy of the UFC.

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    Zombie strategy? –> headshot :)

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      For this zombie your probably better bringing a bomb to keep him down