UFC 163: Extended Preview

UFC 163: Extended Preview


UFC 163 is fast approaching (August 03 in Rio) and will see Jose Aldo defend his belt against Chan Sung Jung in what promises to be a war. On the card with Aldo and Jung, is a highly anticipated bout between Lyoto Machida and Phil Davis, with the winner looking at a possible shot at the 205 title.

Regarding Jose and Chan, both fighters are finishers with Aldo having the heavier stand-up game and Jung having the better ground game. Aldo is a fighter who likes to deliver his punishment from range, where Jung is a fighter who likes to engage from within the pocket.

If Aldo can stay outside and deliver his devastating leg kicks, then the fight should be his. If, however, Jung can cut down the distance and force the fight into the “phone-booth” or take it to the ground, we could well see a new champion at 145.

Should that happen, then the UFC will have its first Asian champion and that could only be seen as a good thing, given that the promotion is trying to cultivate the Asian market.  

Machida / Davis will be an epic match between an almost indomitable Karate style and that of a strong, athletic wrester with a ground game. As Davis is not apt to have much for Machida on the feet, this fight is all about whether or not “Mr. Wonderful” can get the fight to the ground and whether or not he gets KO’d in the process, while attempting to do so.

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    After seeing the preview, I sure hope Zombie has enough to make this a good fight.