UFC 163 Bonuses, Attendance & Gate

UFC 163 Bonuses, Attendance & Gate


UFC 163 went down in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil last night, and it was a mixed bag of emotions for MMA fans. After some great prelims, we were treated to a rather bizarre main card.

Fight of the night went to Ian McCall and Illarde Santos for their three round 125lb. barn burner (+1 for the Flyweights).

Submission of the night went to Sergio Moraes for his creative inverted triangle win.

Last of all, knockout of the night went to Anthony Perosh for his surprise starching of Vinny Magalhaes. the BJJ world champion was a heavy favorite coming into this fight, until 14 seconds in. He walked into a stiff right hand and sonds later, it was all she wrote.

Each fighter received a 50K bonus for their impressive efforts. Once again, Brazil played host to an awesome spectacle of MMA, only slightly dampened by the strange occurences on the main card.

Attendance: 13,873

Bonuses: $50,000

Fight of the Night: Ian McCall vs. Iliarde Santos

Submission of the Night: Sergio Moraes

Knockout of the Night: Anthony Perosh

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