UFC 161 Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 161 Post-Fight Press Conference


Attendance: 14,745

Gate: $3.15 Million (CDN)

Bonuses: $50,000

1. FOTN: Stout vs. Krause

2. KOTN: Shawn Jordan

3. Submission: James Krause

All-in-all the very loud and boisterous Winnipeg crowd got a decent show.

Roy Nelson looked bad. Stipe Miocic looked great.

Alexis Davis & Rosi Sexton put on a very entertaining bout once again proving that women can entertain in the Octagon. Their match was one of the best fights on the card.

Hendo nearly had Rashad once or twice, particularly in the 1st, but failed to capitalize. He looked to be tired by the end of the second and had little to offer Suga other than the big right. I think Henderson’s era has passed.

Hands down I thought the best fight on the card (and one that was free to those didn’t buy the PPV) was Roland Delorme and Edwin Figueroa. That was an excellent match. It was back and forth with Figueroa all but being owned in the first, but somehow managing to survive the RNC attempts he rallied in the second and nearly caught Delorme in his own triangle choke. If your thing is a good ground war, that was a great fight.

Here’s the post-fight presser:

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  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/highkick12 highkick12

    Well if Brazil set the record for finishes did this card set the record for decisions?
    It sure made the fight bonuses easy to hand out.

  • http://lowkickmma.com/author/D D

    So Roy turned down an offer coming of 3 straight 1st round KO's, and now will have to renegotiate after a loss. Oops.