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UFC 158 weigh-in video and results


UFC 158 is taking place tomorrow and, as we all know, the stacked card promises excitement all the way. Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will face off against Nick Diaz in the main event. Also on the main card will be a number one contender match between Carlos Condit and Johny Hendricks, so expect fireworks there.

Things got heated again at the weigh ins today with Dana White having to seperate Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz. The tension truly has reached fever pitch now, I am more hyped than I have been in a long time about any MMA event. Check out the UFC 158 weigh-in video and results below.


UFC 158 weigh-in results:

Main Card

Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. Nick Diaz (169)

Carlos Condit (169) vs. Johny Hendricks (171)

Jake Ellenberger (170) vs. Nate Marquardt (171)

Chris Camozzi (185) vs. Nick Ring (183)

Colin Fletcher (155) vs. Mike Ricci  (156)

FX Prelims

Patrick Cote (169) vs. Bobby Voelker (169)

Antonio Carvalho (145) vs. Darren Elkins (145)

Jordan Mein (170) vs. Dan Miller (171)

Daron Cruickshank (155) vs. John Makdessi (155)

Facebook Prelims

Quinn Mulhern (168) vs. Rick Story (169)

T.J. Dillashaw (135) vs. Issei Tamura (135)

Reuben Duran (135) vs. George Roop (135)

So all fighters make weight in The Bell Centre, Montreal for a highly anticipated and hyped UFC 158. Bring it on!! Stay tuned to Lowkick for more UFC 158 pre fight coverage.

  • Diaz got alot of cheers considering they were in Canada

    • Probably because he bothered to show up

      • Johny Hendricks walked up on me & my folks in the parking lot @UFC117 & started choppin it up, giving highfives & taking pictures with us for about 20 min & for a white dude to walk up on 14 brothaz finishing off Hennessy bottles & Grandaddy blunts, amped up over the Silva victory in East Oakland, he is either the LAW or a REAL MUTHA F.U.C.K.A….J.H rd1 K.O.

    • Both Diaz and GSP look in amazing shape.

      • Yes, but they always are. No surprise there.

        Johnny Hendricks is in by far the best shape of his UFC career though. First time he hasn't had belly fat hanging over the top of his shorts.

  • Another class move by Diaz. His BS gangster act is getting old. After he gets throttled tomorrow night we can stop listening to him stumble all over himself for awhile….

  • It was an interesting tactic that Georges employed at the stare-down, pulling up short, as he did. One of the better SDs' IMO. You can certainly feel the animosity, between both. I'm really looking forward to this bout. I've never seen GSP this riled up.

    • I spotted that too. That was to stop Diaz doing his usual posture with the unorthodox boxing guard – which Diaz noticed and that caused the handbags that ensued when Nick tried to impose his posture.

      • @ Dabs

        Well, we both saw something and it was intentional. I would bet money, that it was gamed, prior. It was a very good gamesmanship and it worked. Damn! Score one for The Champ.

        That wasn't just Nick putting his forehead onto his opponent, as he has done. That was Nick stepping forward and, for-all-intents-and-purposes, folding in an elbow on a positioned and extended hand / arm. It was beautiful. That was some psychological warfare, at its best.

        Dabs, I will state this, I think The Champ is p####d. I think he's motivated, as he has never been, before. As a GSP fan, I'm thrilled. Finally, maybe, I'm seeing a some fire, in my fighter. Certainly, not since the last Penn fight.

        Nick is a serious guy and a great challenge. He looked in great shape and shouldn't be taken lightly. Not that I believe The Champ is taking him lightly. I'm sure he is not.

        Accordingly, I think Rush is going to look to accomplish a number of things tomorrow, night. Primary amongst those and beyond taking a piece out of Nick's hide (should that prove to be the case), is to shut a lot of people up, about finishes. I believe GSP has one thing on his mind, beyond beating Nick and that's, finishing Nick.

        I think one way or another, this is going to be a heck of a fight and regardless of the rest of the card, I think this fight will not only make the card, but be FOTN and the first candidate for FOTY.

        GSP fans everywhere, should thank Nick Diaz for drawing out this type of emotion and hopefully, passionate performance, out of the 170 Champ, because its been a while since we've seen it.

        I want a war, tomorrow. I want to see GSP shut Nick up and I mean that, not from the POV of ND as a jerk, but to do it, because, Nick is the #1 naysayer and critic and that The Professor or The #1 Tough Guy in the room, needs to make a point and if Nick Diaz is or has to be GSP's, Bolo Yeung, then so-be-it.

        I hope this is a great a glorious fight. As a GSP fan, I would like to see more than a decision in this fight and I appreciate Nick Diaz, for bring out (hopefully) the fight, in The Champ.


        • I agree with you I am a fan of both, but I dont want this to be over so soon, if GSP wins the rivalry will e over if Nick wins GSP will get a rematch sooner or later and then he will have to probe his worth, it would be a great thing if Diaz wins this and keeps the WW division interesting and makes GSP leap to the next level. Diaz could bring out the best of the champion.

        • Not one that hates on gsp for not finishing fights but to think he will finish Diaz of all people?

  • It will be
    in three
    by TKO
    Will take the dough

  • Rush is scared homie-Diaz all dizzay
    He's gonna beat his punk &$$

  • I demand to know why Roop still in the UFC yet the cut guys like Fitch? really Dana?!!! I thought Roop was long gone,look at his record,for crying out loud! Good answer to Rogan's question by GSP,Nick as always answered an unasked question,nothing new sir random!

  • GSP is a class act. A true gentleman, sportsman, and a great role model for young folks. I used to root for Diaz in every fight, as I get older i am less entertained by his attitude. I find his excuses lame and his need to hate even lamer. No doubt though..he is a warrior who always comes to fight, and we are gonna see a blazing fight tomorrow.
    May the best man win…No excuses

    • First of all I do not consider a steroid user like GSP a role model! When character matters Nick Diaz is a real as it comes. Because what you get from Nick is Nick. Just look at the weigh-in. Do you notice GSP trying to copy Nick Diaz? I know many of you are a fan of a star that you look familiar with,but after tonight that Chicano warrior Nick Diaz will be crowned new Welterweight champion.

      • So if your chicano warrior accuses him of using steroids then it must be true. I dont remember GSP getting suspended. How about you use facts instead of just making stuff up.

  • War Diaz……

  • I hear all these people saying GSP will KO/TKO Diaz, but isn't that very unrealistic? I mean, Diaz has never been subbed and only been legitimately TKO'd once in almost 40 fights. I honestly can't remember the last time GSP actually TKO'd someone. Great champion, bad finisher. Let's just be realistic, shall we? This will be most likely GSP putting on a takedown and dry ******* clinic for 5 rounds with another anti-climactic decision. Diaz has traded with really scary "hitters" as he put it and the fight that everyone REALLY wants to see is Diaz vs. Hendricks- and we'll see Nick KO him and then everyone will be screaming "he's the real champ"- just like everyone said about Igor Vovchanchyn during pride! Can't wait!

  • ******* = H u m p i n g