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UFC 156 Post-Fight Press Conference: Aldo, Edgar, Silva, Green earn 50k bonuses


Super-stacked UFC 156 fight card took place last night in Las Vegas, Nevada, headlined by the highly competitive bout between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar. The champ retained his title, but Edgar still managed to prove he’s one of the toughest fighters in the UFC. Both combatants earned 50k bonuses, alongside Antonio Silva (KO of the Night), and Bobby Green (Submission of the Night).

UFC 156 fighters shared thoughts about their performances inside the Octagon during a post-fight press conference, hosted by the UFC President Dana White.

  • Frankie looked better at 155. His smaller body and additional 10 pounds probably helped get under bigger guys, block hips and get a takedown,

  • Aldo Pettis would be another great fight. I'm surprised Aldo thought Faber was a harder fight than Edgar. Faber didn't win a single round and it wasn't remotely close but different judges and Aldo could have easily lost a close fight to Edgar.

    • Faber did better in R1 than Edgar. In my opinion Edgar was tougher fight than Faber but Faber is a real threat to anyone. Fabers major mistake was not respecting Aldos leg kicks at the beginning. Faber is also a lot smaller than Edgar.

    • I think Aldo was in complete control of the fight. the rounds (4 & 5) that edgar won I think aldo had switched into a defensive and less risky approach because he knew the fight was his. In that sense he never felt truly threatened by edgar. Because of this strategy it looked to some that edgar beat him in those rounds. In my opinion aldo let him have them.

  • Alistair was way too cocky last night. I hope he realizes he isn't invincible now.

    • Alistair is too cocky all the time. He even had me believing he was super badass. But Bigfoot said it best… When he hits he's like a lion but when he gets hit he's like a cat.

      I was going for Overeem going into this, but it's truly amazing what a solid victory and a bad attitude can do. I'm glad Silva won, good for him! Overeem needed to be humbled.

      And if Overeem did get to fight Velasquez first, he would have gotten obliterated everywhere. I would say 1st or 2nd round TKO for Cain, easily.

      • He is a Super Badass. I still think he beats JDS 8 out of 10 times, BF 9 of 10, and has a better chance against Cain than anyone else (although Cain is a bad match up stylistically). I also disagree with BF's analysis. Anyone would turn into a cat after those punches. BF is dangerous and he can beat anyone at HW on a good night.

  • Aldo vs Pettis ! Noooo! Two of my favourite fighters! I give an edge to Pettis in this one , though.

    • That would be a F*ckin EPIC fight though wouldn't it?????

      • aldo vs pettis would be a great fight for aldo!

        • I would also pick Aldo to win but it is a close fight on paper.

    • That Super Man punch off the fence last night was very Pettis like.

  • I could see Pettis winning 2 ufc belts.

    • I had to agree man. It's highly possible if he can show some good TDD

  • Aldo vs Pettis would be one hell of a exciting fight as both are athletic as one can get, and both can finish fights i hope it happens

  • Wonder what's next for Frankie…3 loses in a row,all very close,all title fights,hopefully he comes back stronger than ever.