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UFC 154: GSP vs. Condit Post-Fight Press Conference


UFC 154 combatants shared thoughts about the action that took place inside the Octagon at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. GSP defended his title with a hard-fought victory over Carlos Condit, while Johny Hendricks mate a title shot statement with an impressive KO over Martin “The Hitman” Kampmann. Top-performing fighters won 70k Fight of the Night bonuses.

  • gsp’s face looks awsome, cant wait till silva gets a turn at it

  • Your GSP hating is getting old man. Change your record. Silva is the greatest stand up artist in MMA but he’s not the greatest MMA artist. It will be interesting for him to pick real fights like GSP does. Fights that he knows he can lose. SILVA vs JONES is the real fight for Silva.

  • If there is an artist amoung the UFC fighters it is Silva. Silva is a rare breed that makes MMA look absolutely beautiful. Everyone else tries to become stronger and more athletic because they cannot compete with his God given talent. GSP made me a GSP fan again last night as he fought like a warrior which has been a while and I didn’t see it coming. It was one of the best fights of the year. GSP looked huge in there, like a tank. He was absolutely shredded too. As good as he is though he wins by athleticism and power over his opponents while Anderson wins with pure stunning skill. GSP is after this fight back in the good books even without the finish, but he is no Anderson Silva.

  • I never said GSP was Anderson Silva. They are two very different fighters.GSP is good everywhere, he is complete, Silva is amazing at one thing which is the stand up, his speed, accuracy, creativity is genius. He has decent JJ skills too but lacks wrestling imo. He can be beaten by Jones if Jones is smart enough not to stay up too long with Silva.

    So Silva should fight Jones and we can really see how complete he is. Its too easy to tool with smaller guys or guys who are nowhere near his level.

  • Lambo would destroy hat stang

  • gsp talks too much

  • I would say Silva is the more well rounded in the sense that I believe his offensive BJJ and Striking are far superior to GSP and that only GSPs wrestling is better which Silva seems to be improving on in terms of defensive wrestling. GSP has great defensive BJJ but Anderson is better offensively. The reality is that Anderson can deal with top level wrestlers without many problems. GSP and Anderson are both very well rounded but they each favour different disciplines and GSP could out strike anyone he would stay standing as it would give him the benefit of excitement for the fans. Anderson never looks worried no matter where he goes in a fight. GSP is the more rounded defensive fighter while Anderson is the more well rounded offensive fighter.

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