Georges St. Pierre remained the undisputed UFC Welterweight champion, after 5 rounds of action in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Despite claiming post-fight that he felt the infamous ringrust, Georges St. Pierre looked better than ever. The French-Canadian was a bit more aggressive than usual, stalking Carlos Condit around the Octagon. However, Condit proved he's no pushover, with trademark striking that reminded GSP he has a fight on his hands.

Georges St. Pierre was able to put Condit on his back in every single round. The champ executed his famous ground-and-pound techniques, which resulted in a deep cut above Condit's right eye. The cut turned the fight into a bloodbath, preventing from Carlos Condit to get a hold of Georges St. Pierre off his back.

The biggest moment of the fight came in Round 3, when Carlos Condit delivered a left high kick that rocked the defending champion. GSP fell on his back and looked lost, while Carlos Condit tried to finish the fight with ground-and-pound. GSP managed to recover and fight his way back into stand-up, but it was pretty clear that Condit hurt him bad. The round ended with St. Pierre connecting with combos of his own, and once again putting Carlos Condit on his back.

St. Pierre's striking looked top notch. But every time he was able to connect with a beautiful combo, 'Rush' went for the takedown. More than anything, GSP was able to shut down Condit's reach advantage, forcing the challenger to 'work hard for his money' inside the Octagon.

In the end, it is a clear and undisputed Unanimous Decision victory for Georges St. Pierre. Anderson Silva was in the crowd to watch the fight, but GSP declared that he wants to think about what might be the best career move for him between fighting Johny Hendricks and "The Spider".